3 year old Russian drummer leads orchestra of adult musicians

Here you can witness the incredible moment when a 3 year old Russian drummer takes lead of an adult orchestra playing Offenback's Can-Can.

The young boy named Lyonya Shilovsky from Novosibirsk is no stranger to fame. He also appeared on the Russian talent show Minute of Fame and now some of his performances are taking over the internet!

made his way into the spotlight earlier this year when he appeared on the Russian talent show Minute of Fame, and this video now is taking the internet by storm!

Without using any paper or notes, he has already memorized all the music, crescendos, and rhythms. And to finish it all off, he ends the show with a wonderful drum roll!

The adults in the orchestra were amazed with his talent. After the show Lyonya stood up to receive a bouquet of flowers and a well-deserved bow!

This impressive performance took place at the New State Concert Hall of Arnold Katz in Novosibirsk.

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