24-Year-Old Single Teacher Adopted Her Own Student To Save Him From A Life Of Trauma

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A 24-year-old woman is making headlines as she proves to the world that you’re never too young (or old) to change lives. She went above and beyond the caretaker role as a teacher when she noticed one of her students suffering.

The young boy, not even yet 8 years-old, had lived in over 10 foster cares and was on the lookout for the next one that would take him. So his teacher decided that she couldn’t just abandon him to fend for himself. However, her journey was met with its own obstacles….

Meet William, A Boy Who Suffered From PTSD

William posing with his hands in his pocket

paigebramlett / Instagram

paigebramlett / Instagram

Meet William, a boy who has known that life can be cruel from a tender age. At just four years old, he had experienced enough trauma to be diagnosed with PTSD. He was living from one foster home to another, never getting too comfortable because he never could call them home.

At school, he needed extra guidance and worked one-on-one with a behavioral specialist named Paige who could see his evident struggle. She spent three hours a day focusing on him and noted that “he was very isolated because he didn’t know coping skills” she toldGood Morning America. “Since I was one-on-one with him, a lot of our time was spent working on coping skills, behavioral skills, talking about how we behave in school, those types of things.”