Younger Men Often Prefer Older Women, Psychology Explains Why

When it comes to healthy and fulfilling relationships, most people tend to want the same things: respect, attraction, honesty, and loyalty to name a few. But when it comes to the partners we choose, there’s a more unique formula based on our individual psychology.

It’s becoming more of a common habit for younger men to be attracted to older women, and there are science-based reasons for this choice of significant other. While there are endless great things about younger women, psychologists believe these factors make some men prefer older ones.

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Confidence Is Key

We’ve all experienced attraction to someone because of how they carry themselves. Similar to the way that some women are attracted to bad boys for their self-assurance, men tend to favor older women because of their confidence.

Four women and a dog sitting on a city park bench.
Chris Murray / Unsplash
Chris Murray / Unsplash

Confidence is key, and psychologists believe that the aura of high self-esteem makes people instantly fall in love. The older we get, the more we learn to love ourselves, making a woman with age more attractive to someone younger.