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Your Child Could Be Psychic If They Pass This Test

Is your child acting strange? Having an imaginary friend is one thing but being caught up in a whole other world might reveal something else. If you're starting to wonder if maybe your child has a gift so that you can understand their behavior, look for the signs below. If your child exhibits at least one of these signs, they may be psychic.

To pass the test, the more signs they show, the more likely they are to have the gift.

They're Super In-tune With Your Emotional Energies

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Empathy is a skill developed with age and experience. While some naturally have nurturing traits that equip them with a lot of empathy, a child who is always aware of your emotional shifts might be special.

If your child mirrors your energy and seems to know when something is wrong even when you put on your bravest face, then they might have a psychic ability. They will have strong instincts and be able to read others with an ability to goes way beyond their years

Knowing Details From A Past Life

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Listen carefully to the stories your child tells you and the dreams they recount to you. If they actually talk to you about a past life, take the extra steps of looking up the details that they share. If you can verify some of the events and locations that they couldn't have possibly found on their own, then they likely have a psychic gift.

This is especially important if they seem to have memories that they never lived, as these are likely memories of a past life. The gift might show if they correct you on past events that they weren't even alive for.

A Love For Nature At A Young Age

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While most kids today have to be begged to get off their iPad, psychic kids always want to be outside. They truly have a love for nature and show the highest energy spikes when surrounded by trees.

As an extension of their love for nature, they're usually attracted to animals and seem to get along quite well with any of the ones they approach. They love to pick plants and learn about how they work.

Sudden Mood Swings

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​A psychic child will often see and experience things they can't explain and that can make them panic. They may be in a great mood playing and suddenly see something that upsets them and cry inconsolably. In the same way, they might suddenly get excited for no apparent reason.

Some psychic kids have a hard time getting to bed because they tend to have really vivid dreams or nightmares. They might even be consistently waking up between 3 and 5 am.

Talking About A Lost Loved One

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As children are still young and pure at heart, they are easier to contact as a vessel between our world and the one beyond. As we are conditioned to reject the possibility, and are frankly often too distracted by life's responsibilities we're not always able to pick up on messages left by our loved ones.

Children on the other hand are a lot more observant and a psychic child might reveal that they communicated or played with someone with a description that matched someone you once knew, and think of them as their imaginary friend. They might even know details about that person that you never personally shared.

Find Out For Yourself

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Rather than focus on looks, focus on the person on the inside. You're here for a reason. This is your sign to get to know yourself better and unleash your potential.

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