Your Facial Features, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The time, date, and place you were born have great significance on the person you are today. The way the stars aligned as you entered the world reflects the person you would eventually become.

But, did you know that universe was determining your physical appearance as well? Astrology is not only about souls and personalities, but it can dictate our looks too. Based on your Zodiac sign, these are your most notable features.

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Aries is the fieriest of the signs. They are brave, confident people, and you can tell by their faces that they are sure of themselves. Aries have intimidating features. They often have a great bone structure with very high cheekbones.

An Asian woman modelling in an open field, holding a pair of sunglasses.
luobulinka / Unsplash
luobulinka / Unsplash

They have natural muscles and look tall and strong. When you talk to an Aries, you might notice them blush a little. But don’t assume it’s because they like you – sometimes, it’s just their fiery nature peeking through!