Numerology: Discover What Your Full Name Reveals About You

Numerology is the branch of study and knowledge of numbers and their influence.

Spiritualists have come to understand that the vowels in your name have a profound impact on you as an individual.

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If you take all the vowels in your name and add them together, that number is your 'destiny number.

'A' is 1, 'E' is 2 and so forth. You can choose to include 'Y' if you like. If your entire name added up to 99, you would reduce it to a single number.

So, 99 = 9+9=18 and because that is not a single number, you would reduce it again. 1+8=9. Your number would be 9.

Number 1

Representing leadership and strength, these formations can grow out of control into a dangerous egocentric formation.

Your skills and confidence must be paired with humility and perspective. A number for potential and distinctive creativity.

Number 2

2 isn't the loneliest number in this case. You have great skill in interpersonal relationships. You can naturally mediate and facilitate compromise between people.

Praise and recognition are not big motivating factors for you. You are a little too empathetic at times, making you easily hurt or offended. Other times though you are highly apathetic and indifferent.

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Number 3

While you sometimes come off as being superficial and unfocused or scattered, you are normally an outgoing adventure seeker.

You have a silver tongue that helps get you in and out of trouble. Your optimism and easily relatable manner puts you in a unique position to inspire others.

Number 4

You have a vast and clearly present array of powerful energies in you.

You have to stay organized and aware, or you energies will literally eat you alive. While the organization is key to your success, resist the temptation to become rigid in your patterns.

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Number 5

5 means complete constructive freedoms. You are versatile and capable, learning new patterns and forming new habits easily.

Your restless and impatient manner can backfire on you though. It is hard for you to stay consistent and you tend to make the same tiny, stupid mistakes.

Number 6

You strive to keep your demanding and perfection seeking formations under guard. You have great capacities for love, friendship, and appreciation of others.

Sometimes the way you express this can seem very negative or overly critical. It is easy for you to get involved with projects that better your community and you may do it for a living.

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Number 7

Thought, analysis, introspection and wisdom occur within you without much prompting. You aren't put off by technicalities, obstacles or difficult situations.

Your resourceful manner can make you self sufficient to the point of seeming to be selfish and egotistical. Your ease with problem solving sometimes leads to to be overbearing and critical of others.

Number 8

A natural business person, fits number 8 like a glove. Strong organizational and administrative skills come without much thought. While realistic and practical, you can be rigid and overly ambitious.

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Number 9

You are like a older sibling to those around you. Creativity and imaginative expression are a forte of number 9. You can inspire others to reach or expand on their goals.

Your abilities have to be developed though if you wish to make use of your own inspiration. If you don't develop your formations they will sour and effect you and people around you negatively.

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Tap into the 4,000 year old science of Numerological Analysis with a FREE Numerology video report!

That's right, the numerology of your birth date can reveal the certain personality that you have and it's pretty crazy how accurate it works!

Click HERE to learn what Numerology says about your life using only your Name & Birth Date.

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Psychology Defines 7 Types Of Love, Yet Only A Rare Few Make It To The Last One

Psychologists have confirmed the average person will experience different types of love through their lives. A study has even shown that a person can fall in love at least three times in their lifetime. Howevr, the type of love that they experience often depends on the one they share it with. Some people bring out deep emotions that cause a whirlwind of a romance, which is sometimes toxic. Others, turn out to be nothing more than companions and are better off as friendships.

However, rare are the people who gets the experience the kind of love that truly feels everlasting, fulfilling and healthy. Find out which kind of love we mean and which type of love your current kind of love falls into

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man hold's woman's face to kiss her

Dainis Graveris / nsplash

This is the first step of all relationships but it remains on a shallow level. It's usually a fine line between lust and love and infatuation never usually makes it past the lust and into a meaningful connection. Yet, infatuation is often disguised as love and can be confusing.

The more both parties are physically attracted to each other, the more they want to spend all of their time together and move a relationship really quickly from the get-go. However, this kind of relationship is usually short-lived. When relationships get too intense, too quickly, they don't tend to take the time to build a solid enough foundation to grow on, and many of the red flags just get brushed off only to come back later.

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Cople sit on a car watching the sunset

Karsten Winegeart / Unsplash

This is usually the second stage of a relationship. Once we decide that we are attracted enough to someone, we become open to getting to know them better. From there, the more we get to know them, the more feelings are developed based on what we know. This is still an introductory stage to relationships, because the more layers are peeled, the higher the risk of finding some sort of dealbreaker that ends the relationship there.

During this stage either feelings will develop closer to love, and increase passion or commitment, or they will eventually fade and grow closer to a friendship It all depends on shared values, interests, and needs.

Empty Love

woman leans on man's shoulder while he faces the other way

Milan Popvic / Unsplash

This is a tricky kind of relationship. On one hand, it is an exclusive relationship with an agreed-upon commitment. Couples experiencing this type of love could spend years on end together but still lack intimacy and passion. They may truly enjoy each other's company and care deeply about one another but still be missing that special spark that makes everything come together.

Over time the relationship becomes comfortable but boring. It's not necessarily that anyone is doing anything wrong, but there is no denying that the relationship is just missing something to make it feel passionate and exciting.

Fatuous Love

man kisses woman on the forehead

Jacob Owrns / Unsplash

This is the most common type of love as it includes two of the three foundations: commitment and passion. Couples often find that enough to pursue their relationship and exchange their vows. Yet, this kind of relationship despite having attraction lacks true intimacy.

These kinds of relationships go through many ups ad downs, they have their good days but they also have the days where they feel like they're not truly happy or like their needs aren't being fully met. This could be due to differing love languages or because the couple isn't able to reach a high enough level of vulnerability to fully give themselves to someone else.

Romantic Love

man and woman close up of holding hands

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

This kind of love has another combination of the three pillars of love: passion and intimacy. The feelings are there and so is the attraction. Couples in this kind of relationship feel really close to one another and it's easy for them to open up. They fall deeply in love, rather quickly and naturally. The only problem is they can't necessarily agree on where the relationship is headed so they just brush it off.

They put off serious commitments hoping to just go with the flow and figure the rest out in time. Unfortunately in many instances, the relationship reaches a termination point because of major commitments that can't be agreed on.

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Companionate Love

man and woman sito n the floor laughing

Sarah Noltner Unsplash

Companionate love consists of commitment and intimacy, another combination that is still lacking. This type of love is somewhere between the line of friendship and love. There is somewhat of an attraction that makes the friendship feel stronger but it's mostly due to the strong bond that's shared. This kind of couple is each other's best friend, They trust each other fully, and are able to be completely themselves.

The attraction is there and the love is genuine but it's missing that head over heels super-in-love kind of feeling. Many relationships develop into this kind of love after many years of marriage.

Consummate Love

man and woman slow dance with string lights

Anthony Tran / Unsplash

This is the ideal kind of love and yet it is the rarest of all. It is made of all the pillars of the perfect relationship: love passion, emotional and physical intimacy, and commitment. The levels of each vary throughout time but there is enough of each to keep the relationship young even after years of commitment. Arguments are resolved peacefully, affection is given freely and plans of the future are carried out.

These couples are just as in love as the day they met during their final days. They find ways to keep their relationships exciting and keep on surprising one another. They never allow themselves to truly get comfortable and stop appreciating what they have. They trust each other fully while still pursuing their own independence.

Healthy Love

man spins woman around in a forest

Scott Broome / Unsplash

All that matters in love is that you are happy and the love is healthy. The rest can be developed and worked on with the right person. In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

Love is more than just kisses and butterflies, it's much more than that. If you want to know more on what your birth chart reveals about how you love and what you need out of a partner, check out this personalized report based on date of birth.