Numerology: Discover What Your Full Name Reveals About You

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Numerology is the branch of study and knowledge of numbers and their influence.

Spiritualists have come to understand that the vowels in your name have a profound impact on you as an individual.

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If you take all the vowels in your name and add them together, that number is your ‘destiny number.

‘A’ is 1, ‘E’ is 2 and so forth. You can choose to include ‘Y’ if you like. If your entire name added up to 99, you would reduce it to a single number.

So, 99 = 9+9=18 and because that is not a single number, you would reduce it again. 1+8=9. Your number would be 9.

Number 1

Representing leadership and strength, these formations can grow out of control into a dangerous egocentric formation.

Your skills and confidence must be paired with humility and perspective. A number for potential and distinctive creativity.