Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here, Bringing A Quieter Week For Zodiacs, And Predictions Of Balanced Energies

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This is a much quieter week, astrologically speaking, than the last two, so it offers a good chance to rest, recoup and take stock of where you are.

There is an exciting meetup between Mercury and Uranus on Monday, which is excellent for innovation, bright ideas and sudden flashes of insight. On Tuesday, the Sun moves into Taurus, providing a background vibe of calm, placid, well-balanced energies, with a focus on careful, steady progress.

The Capricorn Moon backs up this grounded vibe on Thursday and Friday, although the Aquarius Moon over the weekend provides a more abstract and intellectual feel, good for debate, discussion and idealism.

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The first half of this week puts a focus on money matters and emotional security. The innovative blend of Mercury and Uranus on Monday is a fine time to start a new business venture, or a side income stream – think laterally for best results and don’t be afraid to try something new.

The Sun moves into the money zone of your chart on Tuesday, so the next few weeks are quite grounded and satisfactory for you as far as income goes. Do try to stick within a budget, however, or you’ll quickly find that comfort spending gets out of control.

The weekend is a very sociable time this week, ideal for mixing with friends and getting outdoors – you’ll want to see a sense of freedom from wide-open horizons.