Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here, Bringing A Quieter Week For Zodiacs, And Predictions Of Balanced Energies

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This is a much quieter week, astrologically speaking, than the last two, so it offers a good chance to rest, recoup and take stock of where you are.

There is an exciting meetup between Mercury and Uranus on Monday, which is excellent for innovation, bright ideas and sudden flashes of insight. On Tuesday, the Sun moves into Taurus, providing a background vibe of calm, placid, well-balanced energies, with a focus on careful, steady progress.

The Capricorn Moon backs up this grounded vibe on Thursday and Friday, although the Aquarius Moon over the weekend provides a more abstract and intellectual feel, good for debate, discussion and idealism.

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The first half of this week puts a focus on money matters and emotional security. The innovative blend of Mercury and Uranus on Monday is a fine time to start a new business venture, or a side income stream – think laterally for best results and don’t be afraid to try something new.

The Sun moves into the money zone of your chart on Tuesday, so the next few weeks are quite grounded and satisfactory for you as far as income goes. Do try to stick within a budget, however, or you’ll quickly find that comfort spending gets out of control.

The weekend is a very sociable time this week, ideal for mixing with friends and getting outdoors – you’ll want to see a sense of freedom from wide-open horizons.


On Monday, the Mercury-Uranus meetup occurs in Taurus, making you less cautious than normal and more willing to experiment, especially at work or in business. This could be an excellent time for a job interview in a brand-new field.

Tuesday sees your own personal mini New Year, with the arrival of the Sun in Taurus. This is an excellent time to renew and refresh your goals, as your motivation will be high, and your willpower is extra strong too.

If you feel restless during the second half of the week, you may benefit from some short trips in your local area. However well you know the place, there’s bound to be somewhere new for you to discover.


Quirky, weird or odd occurrences are quite likely on Monday, aided by an exciting but rather off-the-wall meet-up between Mercury and Uranus in the psychic zone of your natal birth chart. Potentially fascinating!

The Sun moves into this area of your chart too on Tuesday, providing an extra boost to your spiritual growth and a push to explore your own spiritual talents further. You’ll also be quite keen on your own company at this time, so don’t feel that you must socialize if you don’t fancy it.

Later in the week, there are some excellent lunar vibes for self-development and self-help – maybe it’s time to kick a bad habit once and for all?

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There could be some surprises in your social life very early this week, especially on Monday when Mercury meets unpredictable Uranus. Shocking news, weird social coincidences or even the out-of-the-blue arrival of an old friend from your past – everything is possible.

From Tuesday onwards, you’ll be able to take a highly objective view of the future, governed by the Sun’s positive influence. This is a good time to set long-term goals, as you can put emotion aside and focus on practical steps.

Later in the week, romantic lunar vibes encourage plenty of one-to-one time with your partner. A passionate weekend is in store, although you should watch for jealous outbursts.


The early part of this week is important for your career goals, and on Monday in particular you may experience a sudden change of heart about where you’re going – or how you plan to get there. Mercury and Uranus team up to help you understand that there is more than one route to success – options are opening up before you.

This positive vibe continues when the Sun moves into the career zone of your natal birth chart on Tuesday. You have everything to look forward to now, and you are hopefully feeling inspired and enthusiastic.

Work hard on Thursday and Friday to tie up loose ends, because the weekend promises to be romantic – if you have the time – courtesy of an interesting Moon in your opposite sign.


Get out and about as much as you can this week. Boredom could be an issue, especially early in the week. On Monday in particular, your ruling planet Mercury meets up with unpredictable Uranus and positively demands that you try something new or get a change of scenery.

When the Sun changes signs on Tuesday, you’ll want to think about education or training. Is there a qualification that would boost your prospects, or is there something you’re fascinated by and want to learn for pleasure?

A light-hearted lunar vibe on Thursday and Friday is ideal for partying, socializing or even dating if you’re single – there are plenty of smiles to be had.

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You may feel quite compulsive on Monday, almost compelled to do something a bit odd without really knowing why. This is the influence of a potent meet-up between Mercury and Uranus in your psychology zone – just roll with it; you never know, you might enjoy it!

Meanwhile, when the Sun changes sign on Tuesday, you’ll find it easier to explore any lingering trauma from your childhood or earlier life. The middle of the week is a particularly promising time for therapy of any kind.

Over the weekend, the lunar vibes are all about fun and joy – perfect for trying out an adrenaline sport, meeting someone new on a first date or taking a walk on the wild side in whatever way appeals to you.


You may talk yourself into trouble on Monday when Mercury meets spontaneous Uranus in your love zone. Fortunately, you’ll probably be just as easily able to talk yourself out of it again – but do be careful if you don’t want your words to be held against you!

Meanwhile, the Sun also moves into the love zone of your chart on Tuesday. This is happy, sunny, uplifting energy, excellent for breathing new life into a relationship or for a romantic getaway. If you’re lucky enough to be with your soulmate, this is a truly blissful time.

Over the weekend, look to be more relaxed with any family rules or routines. There’s a strong lunar vibe underpinning freedom in the family home, so don’t create unnecessary tensions by trying to enforce rigid standards.


Try to educate yourself about your own well-being this week, especially on Monday. A meetup between Mercury and Uranus in this area of your chart may bring some surprising news, but it’s news that you can turn to your own advantage if you understand what makes you well and happy.

On Tuesday, the Sun changes signs and focuses on your everyday routines and schedules. Take the Sun’s energy, warmth and optimism and use it to find extra time in your life for the people and things you enjoy the most.

Meanwhile, Thursday and Friday’s lunar energies are very positive for your finances, and you may find that financial pressures start to ease, especially with a positive mindset.

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You’re feeling a little bit wild this week – most unlike you, but rather good for you all the same. On Monday, a meetup between Mercury and Uranus is especially inspirational for you and may prompt you to try a completely new hobby with which you will fall in love.

The Sun, too, activates your risk-taking zone when it changes signs on Tuesday. This annual dalliance with the world of chance is refreshing and livens up your life – start saying yes to life now instead of fretting about consequences.

The Capricorn Moon on Thursday and Friday is empowering too, so use this week to start carving out the life you really want to live.


Unexpected developments in your family life will give you pause for thought on Monday, but these should be positive changes overall, even if somewhat out of the blue.

The Sun also focuses on your family life when it changes signs on Tuesday, bringing warm, uplifting, positive energy into your home and helping to defuse any lingering tensions or problems. A fresh start is possible now with any difficult relatives.

Over the weekend the Aquarius Moon is empowering and strengthens your position further, so you should hopefully end this week feeling much more emotionally settled and in control.


Bright ideas come thick and fast on Monday when Mercury meets Uranus in your intelligence zone. Some of these ideas may be well ahead of their time, but don’t discount them; there are nuggets of genius in there somewhere!

On Tuesday, the Sun’s change of sign brings a boost to your powers of communication. This is a great week for reaching out to people you’ve lost touch with, and also for persuading others to back you. Job interviews are well-starred, as are family reunions.

Try to create a peaceful, quiet weekend so that you can enjoy the meditative influence of the Moon moving through the spiritual zone of your chart.

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