Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here, With An Energy Change That Hasn’t Been Seen Since 1856

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This Tuesday sees a magical and highly significant conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – an astrological aspect that has not been seen since 1856! This energy is extremely compassionate, humanitarian and spiritual, with huge psychic potential. Expect the emerging shift in human consciousness to accelerate – especially once Mars moves into Pisces on Thursday.

The Full Moon on Saturday is in peaceable, fair-minded Libra – this is a good time to forgive or to seek compromises that work for everyone concerned. The Full Moon also encourages debate and dialogue and drives us to seek intellectual solutions to emotional problems.

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The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurs in the most spiritual section of your natal birth chart, Aries, so you are highly likely to sense something of the weird and wonderful energy around us this week.

Look to develop your spiritual abilities and your psychic skills. When Mars, your ruling planet, moves into your spiritual zone on Thursday, you’re likely to find spiritual experiences hard to ignore – if something ‘spooky’ happens, it’s a sign that you are meant to investigate.

Saturday’s Full Moon, meanwhile, shines from your love zone – make it a weekend full of heartfelt promise.