Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here, With An Energy Change That Hasn’t Been Seen Since 1856

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This Tuesday sees a magical and highly significant conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – an astrological aspect that has not been seen since 1856! This energy is extremely compassionate, humanitarian and spiritual, with huge psychic potential. Expect the emerging shift in human consciousness to accelerate – especially once Mars moves into Pisces on Thursday.

The Full Moon on Saturday is in peaceable, fair-minded Libra – this is a good time to forgive or to seek compromises that work for everyone concerned. The Full Moon also encourages debate and dialogue and drives us to seek intellectual solutions to emotional problems.

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The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurs in the most spiritual section of your natal birth chart, Aries, so you are highly likely to sense something of the weird and wonderful energy around us this week.

Look to develop your spiritual abilities and your psychic skills. When Mars, your ruling planet, moves into your spiritual zone on Thursday, you’re likely to find spiritual experiences hard to ignore – if something ‘spooky’ happens, it’s a sign that you are meant to investigate.

Saturday’s Full Moon, meanwhile, shines from your love zone – make it a weekend full of heartfelt promise.


You’ll sense a deeply profound connection to friends this week, Taurus, as it is this sector of your natal birth chart which is illuminated by the magical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. Your sense of calling will be strong too, and you may find yourself drawn to humanitarian or charitable projects.

Your need to make a difference in society is further boosted by Mars’ change of signs on Thursday. Try to set yourself some long-term goals for this area of your life. What do you need to learn in order to make the most impact in the area of your choice?

On Saturday, the Full Moon shines from your wellbeing zone, so you are reminded that in order to take good care of others, you must first take good care of yourself. Don’t neglect your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health.Ge


The rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurs at the very top of your birth chart, Gemini, highlighting your ambitions and career goals. Expect to feel a strong sense of vocation early this week – you will want to know that your career is meaningful and making a difference. If it currently isn’t, you will feel driven to change that, particularly once Mars changes signs on Thursday and channels your motivation firmly in that direction.

It’s not all work this week, however. On Saturday, the Full Moon illuminates the joy zone of your natal birth chart. You are reminded over the weekend of the importance of every moment. Seek out much more of whatever makes you smile, and practice mindfulness so that you can truly live in the present.

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You can expect to feel drawn toward the mysterious and mystical this week, Cancer. The rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction opens your heart and your mind to new philosophies, religions, beliefs, spiritualities and ways of understanding the world. Even if you are not a religious person, you will feel drawn to understand the role that awe and mystery play in our consciousness. It’s a very intellectual but deeply fascinating feeling for you.

As the weekend draws closer, you may also feel a desire to explore your roots, including your past lives. The Full Moon on Saturday illuminates and reveals secrets from the family zone of your natal birth chart, some of which could prove highly emotional.


You may find the energies from the spiritual Jupiter-Neptune conjunction a little bit confusing, Leo, or even unsettling. Don’t be surprised if you start to second guess yourself or to question the things you thought you knew. The point of this planetary meetup as far as you are concerned is to get you thinking – and you may come to some profound realizations along the way.

Later in the week, emotions are likely to cloud your judgment a little, especially as we near the Full Moon on Saturday. Understand that it’s OK to follow your instincts for a while, even when things seem to make little rational sense. You’ll be back down to earth soon enough.


The intensely magical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction occurs in your opposite sign, activating the love zone of your natal birth chart. This is a fantastic time for exploring the karmic links in your love match, and in other close relationships too. If you’re single, this energy gives you a profound understanding of your strengths as an individual in your own right.

When Mars moves into your love zone on Thursday, however, arguments and rows may intensify, so try to stay calm. The Full Moon on Saturday shines from your money zone, so emotions around debt or spending patterns are in full flow. Ground yourself well and know that this tumult will pass.

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Your notion of routine is challenged by the rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction – you are being asked to step outside of your comfort zone and to acknowledge that fear and anxiety can bring about profound transformation. This is an intense transit for your mental health, Libra, but ultimately an extremely healing one too.

Look to the Libra Full Moon on Saturday for evidence that you are stronger than you think. This lunar energy is powerful and liberating and encourages you to shed the labels you’ve previously attached to yourself. You are you, and that’s all you need to know.


It’s your creative instincts that are most stirred by the rare and spiritual meetup of Jupiter and Neptune, Scorpio. You may sense that you can help others through arts, crafts, music or fiction, or you may want to look into creativity as a way to help you channel your own emotions.

When Mars moves into your creativity zone on Thursday, this feeling will intensify, and you will feel driven to express your higher self somehow. Art can be very healing, and this is something you instinctively understand.

The Full Moon on Saturday shines from the most spiritual zone of your natal birth chart, so pay full attention to any dreams, visions or weird psychic happenings around you. There are messages for you to interpret here.


Notions of sacrifice and family are inextricably intertwined this week, as the spiritual Jupiter-Neptune conjunction activates the family zone of your natal birth chart. Where you care for an elderly or vulnerable family member, you may sense a profound shift in your spiritual understanding of the issue. For all that the onerous responsibility sometimes weighs you down, you will find beauty and peace too.

When Mars moves into your family zone on Thursday, you will also feel more able to ask for help with an overwhelming family duty. You are not alone, and you do not have to do this alone.

The Full Moon on Saturday, meanwhile, shines from your friendship zone – allow those who care for you to bring you laughter, joy and healing.

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This week’s spiritual Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is here to teach you the power of intuition. You are a highly rational being, Capricorn, with a liking for facts and order. However, this astrological vibe asks you to look beyond what you can prove and to understand the value of your instincts and your gut feelings.

Midweek would be a good time to explore this on a practical level by trying out some intuition exercises, some psychic games or some divination attempts. Approach it with an open mind and you will be surprised at how much you can gain from this.

Meanwhile, Saturday’s Full Moon shines from the ambitions zone of your natal birth chart. If you find yourself in the spotlight, make the most of it, because you have an opportunity to show what you can do.


This week’s rare Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is here to help your relationship with money and abundance – not by showering you with extra cash, but by shifting your understanding. Start to pay attention to what you do have, Aquarius, rather than focusing on what you lack. It’s an excellent time to start a gratitude journal, thereby inviting greater blessings into your life.

On a practical note, Mars’ arrival in your money zone on Thursday does help you with plans to earn more, but this week is about understanding intangible blessings rather than material ones.

The Full Moon on Saturday meanwhile urges you to think carefully about your education. If you have always wanted to go back to school, events this weekend may make up your mind.


The magical Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces is one of the most significant astrological events in your lifetime. This is a long-lasting influence, so don’t panic if you don’t immediately feel anything much – but gradually, you will notice that your higher self is able to better make itself felt in your life. Your intuition, already strong, will skyrocket, and you will be empowered to be the spiritual way-shower you are destined to be

Look to the arrival of Mars in Pisces on Thursday for an immediate boost to your self-confidence.

The Full Moon on Saturday shines from your transformation zone, so expect to feel highly emotional about the changes that are coming – but these are changes you are destined to embrace.

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