Your Weekly Horoscope: October 25th – 31st, 2021

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Get set for an easy-going, calm week, astrologically speaking – but that does mean that it could be hard to find motivation at times.

Tuesday’s Venus-Neptune square is a lazy influence, good for relaxation, daydreaming and imagination, but not so great if you need to focus or have difficult work to handle.

A Venus-Jupiter sextile on Thursday is another feel-good but quite idle astrological influence; it encourages social chit-chat and warm-hearted interactions, but it lacks any “get up and go.”

It’s not until Saturday that the Sun-Saturn square may jolt us out of this apathetic vibe. Mars shifts into purposeful Scorpio the same day, so the temperature over the weekend will definitely heat up.

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Dreaminess is your main mode early this week, especially on Tuesday when Venus squares Neptune. You may find it hard to pin down your objectives and thus getting motivated isn’t easy either.

You’ll feel a bit more sociable later in the week when Venus sextiles Jupiter, but you’ll want to enjoy friendship and company for its own sake rather than for any particularly productive reasons.

Saturday sees potential emotional conflict in a team though, which livens things up. When Mars shifts into your passion zone, you will need to be careful not to allow hot-headed impulses to derail your ambitions.