Your Weekly Horoscope: October 25th – 31st, 2021

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Get set for an easy-going, calm week, astrologically speaking – but that does mean that it could be hard to find motivation at times.

Tuesday’s Venus-Neptune square is a lazy influence, good for relaxation, daydreaming and imagination, but not so great if you need to focus or have difficult work to handle.

A Venus-Jupiter sextile on Thursday is another feel-good but quite idle astrological influence; it encourages social chit-chat and warm-hearted interactions, but it lacks any “get up and go.”

It’s not until Saturday that the Sun-Saturn square may jolt us out of this apathetic vibe. Mars shifts into purposeful Scorpio the same day, so the temperature over the weekend will definitely heat up.

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Dreaminess is your main mode early this week, especially on Tuesday when Venus squares Neptune. You may find it hard to pin down your objectives and thus getting motivated isn’t easy either.

You’ll feel a bit more sociable later in the week when Venus sextiles Jupiter, but you’ll want to enjoy friendship and company for its own sake rather than for any particularly productive reasons.

Saturday sees potential emotional conflict in a team though, which livens things up. When Mars shifts into your passion zone, you will need to be careful not to allow hot-headed impulses to derail your ambitions.


There seems to be a misunderstanding in your social circle as the week begins, and you may feel disappointed in a friend or acquaintance, especially on Tuesday when Venus squares Neptune.

Put this behind you and use the Venus-Jupiter sextile on Thursday to charm your way forward in your career; getting on with others comes easily to you at this point, and you underestimate how important that is at work.

Pay attention to your love life over the weekend. The Sun-Saturn square pits your relationship against your career in some way, but with Mars arriving in your love zone, you’re going to want to prioritize your partner over and above everything else.


There’s an uneasy truce early this week over a work-life balance issue, particularly if your partner is upset about the amount of time you spend working. When Venus squares Neptune on Tuesday, you may be tempted to lie your way out of trouble in this regard, but that would be a slippery slope indeed.

Take advantage of a midweek break in hostilities – when Venus sextiles Jupiter on Thursday, you could enjoy a romantic day trip away.

It’s back to work with a vengeance over the weekend, however. Mars moves into your everyday work zone and renews your commitment to your job, while the Sun-Saturn square places restrictions on your free time. Hello duty, goodbye leisure.


Your responsibilities feel onerous as the week begins, but your response to this is likely to be to escape into a fantasy world, particularly when Venus squares Neptune on Tuesday.

That’s a reasonable strategy, but it could lead to trouble if you make promises you cannot keep to your lover or partner. On Saturday, when the Sun squares Saturn, you may find your bluff called when a partner demands what has been promised.

With Mars arriving in your risk zone on Saturday, this could quickly escalate into a full-scale row. Avoid it by being honest with your lover from the start about your responsibilities and your workload.

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Your love life is in focus as the week begins, and there’s a fairly dreamy vibe around a new date, a fledgling relationship or an illicit affair. There could be secrets or lies – or both – as Venus squares Neptune, but this just adds to the excitement.

If you are playing with fire, you might get a temporary reprieve when Venus sextiles Jupiter on Thursday, but by the end of the week, when the Sun squares Saturn, you may have to come clean to your loved ones and family.

With Mars arriving in your family zone on Saturday, there could be drama ahead for sure – but on the plus side, this energy also gives you the charisma and certainly the motivation to see this problem through and to overcome it.


Trouble is in the air at home as this week begins, perhaps with your own relatives trying to stir things up between you and your partner. This may be especially acute on Tuesday, when Venus squares Neptune, and it may be hard to keep track of the lies being told.

A good dose of common sense and truth helps to take the pressure off your relationship on Thursday, when Venus sextiles Jupiter, so don’t worry too much about this.

Life gets busy over the weekend when the Sun-Saturn square fills your to-do list with urgent errands. Mars arrives in your communication zone at the same time, though, so you will feel assertive enough to ask for help with your chores – and you’ll get it.


You’re likely to find it very hard to focus early in the week. A difficult square between Venus and Neptune muddles your mind and creates disorganized chaos, particularly on Tuesday. Try to avoid making major decisions at this time.

Things pick up later in the week, and on Thursday a pleasant Venus-Jupiter sextile offers potential fun and creativity. Look out for a stalemate between what you would like to do versus what you can afford to do, however, especially on Saturday when the Sun squares Saturn.

Fortunately, with Mars shifting into your money zone on Saturday, you’ll be well motivated to expand your income.

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You’re not really keeping an eye on finances this week, which makes you very vulnerable to con artists or simple mistakes. Try to get up to speed with your financial situation, especially on Tuesday when Venus squares confusing Neptune.

The bulk of the week promises pleasant family interactions, particularly on Thursday when Venus sextiles Jupiter – but on Saturday, you may find that a hurtful family incident from your childhood simply refuses to go away, under the influence of the Sun-Saturn square.

Fortunately, Mars arrives in Scorpio on the same day, boosting your confidence and self-esteem, and giving you the tools you need to move forward with a healthy attitude.


Don’t be surprised if your self-esteem takes a bit of a hit as this week gets underway. Tuesday’s Venus-Neptune square is particularly tricky and may get you lost in a fog of unpleasant memories from your past.

Use meditation to help you focus on the here and now instead. Thursday’s Venus-Jupiter sextile is a great example of a mood-boosting astrological aspect you might miss if you don’t consciously lookout for it.

The Sun-Saturn square on Saturday brings up issues from the past again but encourages you to write to or talk to the other person involved in pursuit of a resolution. With Mars arriving in your spiritual zone, forgiveness will be important here too.


Take some time out to enjoy your own company early this week. You’re not really in a sociable mood, as evidenced by the Venus-Neptune square on Tuesday, so you’ll be much happier doing your own thing rather than having to behave yourself in company.

You’ll gradually feel more up to social interaction as the week progresses, and on Thursday, the Venus-Jupiter sextile will be a boost. Look out for potential arguments with friends over money on Saturday though, when the Sun squares Saturn.

With aggressive Mars shifting into your social zone on the same day, what you intend to be a mild argument could come across much worse, so be mindful of the impression you’re making on others.

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Early this week, a pet project of yours will not be moving as fast as you would like it to. This especially applies to any community groups you’re involved in, where things may stall or stagnate for reasons you can’t understand. Tuesday’s Venus-Neptune square makes people apathetic, so this doesn’t help.

Fortunately, you’ll be able to re-inject some enthusiasm yourself on Thursday, when Venus sextiles Jupiter, and this will move things along to your satisfaction.

Over the weekend, look out for feelings of doubt about your career path, particularly when the Sun squares Saturn on Saturday. At the same time, Mars moves into your career zone; this is normally very motivating, but you may be pushing yourself unrealistically.


Don’t be surprised to find yourself feeling a bit apathetic about work – and your whole career, in fact – early this week. This is largely due to the influence of Tuesday’s Venus-Neptune square, which saps energy, motivation and effort.

The solution is to remind yourself of your spiritual purpose in life, which you are currently manifesting through your career. The Venus-Jupiter sextile on Thursday will help you understand this.

Mars moves into your adventure zone on Saturday, which is normally a great moment for travel, adrenaline sports and outdoor activities. Watch out for a blip in your confidence here though when the Sun squares Saturn on the same day. Don’t worry, it won’t last long.

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