Your Weekly Horoscope: November 1st-7th, 2021

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There's a lot of sweet-talking in this week's cosmic activity, but behind the scenes, the struggle for power is intensifying. The week begins with a Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday which promises the earth but may be on shaky ground in practical terms.

The following day, Mercury squares Pluto, hinting at unseen scheming and plotting. The New Moon on Thursday in intense Scorpio opposes Uranus, bringing shocks and drama around anything hidden or obscured.

There is some respite at the weekend, when Mercury sextiles Venus in a conciliatory, let's make up vibe, but throughout the week it will be important to remember that people can and do deceive.

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Be upfront and honest in your relationship if you want to make the most of this week's energies. Monday's Mercury-Jupiter trine finds you saying all the right things, but can you follow through with your promises? When Mercury squares Pluto the following day, career-related pressures highlight the limitations being placed on your relationship.

Thursday's New Moon is a passionate vibe, but also potentially a shocking one if anything illicit has been going on in your love life. Be prepared for secrets to come out and take evasive action if you have anything to hide.

The situation will settle down over the weekend, but remember that trust, once broken, cannot so easily be repaired.


Innovation and good ideas look set to be rewarded early this week, especially when Mercury trines Jupiter on Monday. You may make good progress at work but be careful that you don't take on responsibilities that are unclear or poorly defined.

When Mercury squares Pluto on Tuesday, you may find your everyday working life being torpedoed by distance, travel or logistical difficulties. Try to stay patient and calm; it will work out in the end.

Thursday's New Moon is in your love zone, giving you the chance to refresh and renew your relationship; it does oppose Uranus, however, so remember that stability matters. Don't do anything too drastic that would unsettle your partner. Not all surprises are welcome ones!


Try to spend some quality time early this week working on your hobbies or leisure interests. The Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday is excellent for this, especially if you can fit in some travel or study opportunities too.

Tuesday looks set to be a more tense affair, however, especially if there has recently been conflict in love or money matters. As Mercury squares up to Pluto, be careful not to say anything you may later regret.

The New Moon on Thursday occurs in your health zone, and opposes Uranus, urging you not to try to break the mold. It's a great time for new healthful habits or resolutions, but take your new fitness goals step by step to avoid burning out or creating injury.

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You can take creative inspiration from the past this week, especially on Monday when a Mercury-Jupiter trine helps you figure out how past solutions can apply to present-day troubles.

Be sure, however, that you are not upsetting family members or your partner by dwelling on something that happened a while ago. On Tuesday in particular, emotions are weaponized when Mercury squares Pluto, so it's important to tread with sensitivity.

The New Moon on Thursday occurs in your risk zone and opposes Uranus, so you may find that something outwardly positive has a sting in the tail. Plan carefully if you're trying something new.


A helpful Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday boosts communication in your closest relationship, so this is a very good time for healing any rifts or for patching up an argument.

At work, however, things may not be so rosy. On Tuesday in particular, Mercury squares up to Pluto, hinting that work colleagues are going behind your back, or plotting something you're not party to. Tensions may rise quickly – try to keep a cool head.

Thursday's New Moon is in your family zone and brings a burst of positive energy to all things connected to your home. Given a choice, favor tradition over cutting edge for now in the home, as the New Moon opposes Uranus and doesn't sit well with an ultra-modern vibe.


Original and thoughtful time management hacks can give you a productive start to the week, especially when Mercury trines Jupiter on Monday. You'll need to be very careful to avoid gambling or risk-taking on Tuesday, however. The Mercury-Pluto square on that day is tense, activating your risk zone and your money zone.

Thursday's New Moon shakes your thought processes and gives you a fresh outlook or philosophy on life – potentially quite a surprising one, given that this lunation opposes Uranus.

Use the fun-loving Mercury-Venus sextile over the weekend to kick back and relax. All work and no play is not good for your health

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Make a statement with your fashion, your personal image or your choice of words – especially on Monday, when Mercury trines free-wheeling Jupiter from your own zodiac sign.

Within the family, Tuesday may bring tensions, Libra. As Mercury squares up to Pluto, someone is speaking out of turn, or cannot be trusted to keep a secret. As much as you love your family, you may have to watch what you share with some of them.

Thursday's New Moon is a very positive lunation, highlighting your money zone and your increasing willingness to get creative with how you make your income. With the New Moon opposing Uranus, off-the-wall ideas may get a better reception than you think – if you're brave enough to try.


You're taking a very rational approach to spirituality as the week begins, and the Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday is inspirational, encouraging you to learn more about your own divinity and your psychic gifts.

Not everyone understands you, however, and on Tuesday you may find yourself up against suspicion, mistrust or ridicule as Mercury squares Pluto. Hold your head up high and push forwards, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Thursday's New Moon in Scorpio will repair your damaged confidence. It opposes Uranus, hinting that you are still too 'out there' for some people's liking – but you wouldn't be a Scorpio if you didn't enjoy rattling some cages. Keep going!


Your social life gets a boost as this week begins – the Mercury-Jupiter trine on Monday is fabulous for making new friends or connecting with others on an intellectual level.

Don't be used or taken for granted on Tuesday, however. As Mercury squares up to Pluto, someone may be trying to take advantage of your kindness, especially financially.

The New Moon on Thursday occurs in your spiritual zone and encourages you to put yourself in someone else's shoes. With a greater attitude of compassion and understanding, you may find that this is the time to volunteer in your community or to shift into some kind of counseling or mentoring role.

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Don't hesitate to put forwards big ideas at work – Monday's Mercury-Jupiter trine is extremely positive for this and hints at a big success if you can persuade others to back you.

Don't be surprised, however, if you suffer from some self-doubt on Tuesday, especially if you are worried about the true value of your work, or about whether you are authentically following your path. The Mercury-Pluto square creates unnecessary inner conflict, but you can ride this out.

Look to the New Moon on Thursday for an indication of how much others value you. You are making a difference in the world, and it shows. Take heart from the encouragement and praise you receive.


If you're studying, Monday is one of the best days of the year – as Mercury trines Jupiter, you absorb new ideas effortlessly and can apply them in a very analytical manner. This is excellent for all kinds of jobs too.

When Mercury squares up to Pluto the following day, however, you may find yourself questioning things you used to know for sure. You may feel suspicious of others or conscious that someone is deceiving you. Don't over-react.

Thursday's New Moon is in your career zone, but it opposes Uranus. This is a warning to not act in haste. Things are lining up well for you at work; don't let an impulsive decision de-rail your progress so far.


Early this week is an excellent time for paying back emotional or moral debts you owe to someone. As Mercury trines Jupiter, you are able to right past wrongs and gain some emotional release from them.

On Tuesday, however, as Mercury squares up to Pluto, someone does not want to forgive and forget and may be intent on holding onto a grudge. Don't let this upset you – you are still free to make your own choices about this individual, regardless of whether they accept your position.

Thursday's New Moon is a breath of fresh air in your travel zone and encourages you to visit new places or to re-visit favorite haunts. Being out of doors in nature will uplift and inspire your soul.

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Do You Have The Letter V On Your Palm? This Is What It Means

Everyone has lines on their palms. Turn your hand around and take a look. Palmistry is the study of the meaning of these lines. It believes that each line is revealing about the life trajectory of the person who holds them. Some lines reveal personality traits while others predict levels of success and blessing. Some lines can even provide information on love and relationships. One particular revealing line is the letter V between the thumb and the index feeling. Here's how to find it and what it means.

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Right Hand Vs Left Hand

Happy Nati / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

When checking for the Letter V formation, check your non-dominant hand first as it will hold a more enhanced meaning. If you're right-handed, the left-hand lines will reveal your personality while the right-hand lines reveal the destiny of the path that you are on.

On the other hand (no pun intended), if you are left-handed, the right-hand lines will reveal your personality, while the left-hand lines will be the ones holding your destiny. Now, with your dominant hand in mind, let's examine the lines.

The Heart Line

heart right above heart line on palm

jayoimahe / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

The heart line is one of the four lines that have the power to reveal emotions and relationships. Without knowing the person personally, it says a lot about who they love and how they love. Keep in mind that some people don't have a heart line and it shows. They have no interest in forming meaningful lasting connections and don't have natural empathy towards others. Their relationships often fail as they're unable to see past their own needs. Narcissists for example often are missing their heart line.

To find your heart line look for the top major line at the tap of your palm.

Are you still searching for your life purpose? You won't believe what the science of Numerology can reveal about you!

Do You Have The Letter V On Your Palm?

V line circled on hand

Bill Oxford / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

If you are looking for the letter V on your right hand, you should be able to find it at the top Major Heart Line, near the bottom of your index finger. Now if you have it, you're in luck as it holds many qualities. Men and women with a “V” are thought to be very lucky in life and to find a lot of success.

The Letter V formation is considered to be very unique in Palmistry, so if you can find the Letter V on your palm, consider yourself luck as you are destined for a special life. ​

Unfinished Business

man standing in field under pink sky

Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

It is said in palmistry that having this line means that there is a growth journey on your path. You will need to face some challenges, in order to achieve personal development. The silver lining is that going through these changes is meant to align you on a path designed to reach your highest self.

Until that path is reached and the growth is achieved, individuals with this line tend to have some "unfinished business." Luckily having this line also means being gifted with enhanced traits and characteristics that facilitate the process.

Blessed In Relationships

couple stand infront of sunset

Oziel Gomez / Unsplash

Those who hold the "V" are known as the anchors of their relationships. They easily make friends and form strong bonds. They have a natural empathetic ability that makes them trustworthy. Having such positive relationship might have something to do with their success, genuine energy, fortune, and support. It gives them an in that allows them to advance easily in life and provides them with a supportive circle of friends.

In romantic relationships, these people get lucky but sometimes it takes a long time to find the person who fulfills them. Having this line means that you have a lot of impact on others. You're the one they come to lean on. You have great power and many wouldn't bear losing you.

Blessed In Luck

holding clover to the sky

Barbara Krysztofiak / Unsplash

On the one hand, having te letter "V' on your palm is indicative of many blessings ad brings good luck unto your life, not only for yourself but everyone you touch as well. However, in order to pish your growth, luck usually does not activate before you turn 35 years old.

This age is a turning point when you are meant to take all the lessons you've learned and use them to attract all the blessings that were always meant for you.

The Lines Come And Go

palm lines on hands

Pixelshot / Canva Pro

In Palmistry, the hands hold information on certain parts of our being. The left hand is the “receptive hand,” it is tied to empathy and intuition and connects emotion and psychic energy, with nurturing capabilities. Then, the right hand is our “giving hand,” which is more on the side of the physical world, tying in the self with logic, action, reason, and ego.

Another thing to keep in mind is that palm lines are not fixed. They're bound to appear, disappear, and change throughout our life stages. if you're looking for personalized information, then you'll need your own zodiac reading. We're each on our own unique path,

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