5 Unexpected Strengths Of The Emotionally Neglected

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Here are the five unexpected strengths of the emotionally neglected:

They’re independent

Often times, people who have been emotionally abused find themselves in that position because they made themselves dependent upon their abusive partner or family member.

Their lesson from that is to be as independent as possible.

They’re positive

It’s surprising, but people who have been emotionally abused tend to be more positive and upbeat.

They’ve naturally learned during their years of abuse that you have to look on the bright side and find the joy in life, even if joy is only the little things.

They’re compassionate

Emotionally manipulated people are often the most empathic of them all, knowing full well how life is when no one sees your true struggle.

They care for others to the very best of their abilities.

They’re generous

Emotionally abused people are generous, because they know what it’s like when no one truly cares about you.

There isn’t enough love in this world, so they create as much generosity as they can.

They’re flexible

Those who experienced deep emotional pain tend to be more flexible after spending years of their lives accommodating the needs of others and trying to be the person they had to be.

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