8 Sarcastic Zen Phrases

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Zen is the product of the the constant practicing of mindfulness. It is a way to feel, experience, express and understand reality in its entirety.

It is a Japanese philosophy, that is based of the teachings of the Buddha. It makes sense, now that I think about it, that sarcasm and Zen would go perfectly together.

It doesn’t contradict itself in execution or meaning. To be sarcastic you have to understand the subject matter thoroughly enough express different aspects of it.

Zen is about expressing multiple sides of one concept simultaneously as well. Below you will find some sarcastic Zen phrases that are hilarious, but true! Enjoy.

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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Broken Fan Belt And A Leaky Tire.

This is true enough, on the road to anywhere there are going to be hang ups and problems. In fact, the rougher your trip the more you will appreciate the view at the end.

The journey is a lot of moments bleeding into one another, each one has many different views. Be sure to enjoy all of them.

Never Miss A Good Chance To Shut Up.

Silence is a beautiful absence of sound. In Zen philosophy, space is filled with emptiness, and emptiness is a substance. It’s like zero being the representation of nothing but still a number.

Silence is a sound that you can learn to enjoy and perceive silence with the same unique rhythms as music.

Everyone Seems Normal Until You Get To Know Them.

The closer we get to one another, the more we can see the person clearly, as a unique individual. It takes time to get through their defenses and remove our own projections and expectations.

We see what we are willing to see at first, then as we gain more information and perspective on the person, we can read between the lines.

Don’t Walk Behind Me, For I May Not Lead. Do Not Walk Ahead Me, For I May Not Follow. Do Not Walk Beside Me Either. Just Pretty Much Leave Me The Hell Alone.

This is the most poetic way to tell someone ‘I’m a person, I’m doing stuff. Leave me alone and let me be a person’.

It is so easy for us to project our needs onto another, sometimes even when we keep our intentions and expressions simple others can misread us.

It helps to state the obvious, in a way that is clear and respectful.

Never Test The Depth Of Water With Both Feet.

You’ll get your answer, but you will get wetter than you bargained for. Either commit to embracing the unknown and jumping in, or actually prepare yourself to explore the depth.

Only dip a single foot while the rest of you is dry and safe. Think about the efforts in your life that you aren’t fully committing to.

You aren’t consistent in your application of will and awareness. You are fully using your common sense. Are there things in your life that are getting you unnecessarily wet? Better rethink the technique.

If You Tell The Truth, You Never Have To Remember Anything.

Truth requires no effort, or memory to express. As soon as it’s mentioned, it floats to the top of your awareness. Lies and bent truths are not true expressions, they are supporting beams for your ego and desire.

These formations are in constant flux, so now you have to remember the outdated information and shape it for use in the present situation.

If You Ever Feel You Are Worthless Remember That You Are Full Of Expensive Organs.

What you see as a weight problem and a hassle, a black market sales man would see a gold mine. Zen is all about perspectives, when you choose an out look, you are limiting your options down from the infinite.

Be alright with your body issues, it’s the only way you can really address them. While you acknowledge this aspect, ask yourself, ‘Is this really the only way I feel about my body?’

You honestly don’t feel appreciation, pride, or respect? Dig around and experience as many perspectives and feelings as you can.

Sometimes You’re The Bug And Other Times You’re the Windshield.

Life is about ups and downs, a series of victories and losses. Life need only be seem like a rollercoaster, if we see it that way. Today you got understand what it is to feel big, strong and fast.

Tomorrow, you may get to understand what it is to be weak, small, and slow by comparison. Only by adding emotions, do these events seem topsy-turvey.

You are always both at the same time, you only experienced and paid attention to the one side.

Always Remember That You Are Unique, Just Like Everybody Else.

We are similar in our differences, unified through our individuality, and perfect in our imperfections. We all have infinite potential, limitless perspectives and boundless imagination.

We are all expressing different parts of the infinite structure at different times. This is how we are all so different but so similar.

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