She Put Four Pennies In A Ziplock Bag And Then Hung It Up. This Changed My Summers Forever!

Summertime finally made it here to the rockies after a cold, long, rainy and snowy springtime. The air is sweet, the short shorts are back on, and I'm ready to let the fresh air into my home. But that means one kinda nasty thing:


It's pretty much inevitable if you live in a temperate climate that there will be flies buzzing around your house. Some try fly strips as a way to get rid of them, others do bug sprays, but there's an alternative method that works like a charm every time: pennies in water in a ziplock bag.

It's easy and inexpensive, costing you mere pennies. Fill a ziplock bag with a few pennies and some water and then hang near your doors or screenless windows. The sunlight hitting the bag of water will confuse them. You can also hang in trees or on your porch to help keep them away.

Pretty neat, right? Give it a try!

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