The Best Way To Attract Someone Based On Their Zodiac Sign

With so many people on the planet, securing love can be a serious undertaking. How to cut through all those goals, desires and plans, just to make your case known?

Well, below we have analyzed each of the astrological signs, and laid out a general method to approach anyone! No matter who you are talking to, be sure to stay honest, genuine and smile! It's one of your best features!

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Aries 3/21-4/19

Aries likes a honest, passionate, direct and intelligent personality. They won't always make the first move, so be prepared to break the ice.

Compliments are a great way to start, but be careful. They aren't dumb and run-of-the-mill flattery will get you shot down. Use this time to show that you are observant and smart. Talk about a little detail you noticed and go from there.

Taurus 4/20-5/20

If you are hunting a Taurus, humor should be one of your most accessible ammunitions. They aren't one to open up quickly or under pressure, so stay persistent.

After they get to know you more and feel comfortable, you will see a fairly dramatic change as they turn up the heat in your relationship.

They are big on gifts and grand gestures of love, so be prepared to be swept off your feet. In the beginning stages, be sure to cover favorite foods, music, and share travel aspirations.

Once your relationship finds its stride, you may find yourself at your favorite concert or in both of your dream vacation destinations!

Gemini 5/21-6/20

Communication is the way to any Gemini's heart. Explore ideas, art, music, emotion with genuine and confident expressions. Even if they seem like introverts, your Gemini Lover will be delighted if you spark debate or assert a different set of ideals as your own.

Your ability to paint with your words, or reveal the masterful patterns of your imagination will not only delight them, but coax them to sharing. If you are introverted be aware that Gemini often have needs that an extrovert best fills. Be prepared to set boundaries.

Cancer 6/21-7/22

Have no fear or insecurities as you chase a Cancer down. Their empathic and protective natures will foster any negative formation you can't seem to shake. While they have so much to give, Cancers have serious expectations of their lovers.

Forget the gifts, they want you to be available mentally and emotionally. Step lightly through these expectations and desires, Cancers are very sensitive and emotional. If you find yourself losing your temper, excuse yourself and take a couple of breaths. A cross word at the wrong time can send a Cancer into a very dark place. At the end of the day, never let them forget how much you care.

Leo 7/23-8/22

This bold and powerful personality needs a lover that is 100 percent, down for their team. While your demonstrations of loyalty and love will go far, don't lose track of your backbone!

Asserting yourself and challenging your Leo will garner respect and new levels of desire. When assuring and nurturing your Leo, keep their perspective healthy and productive with playful gestures. As your relationship gets more serious, show your love and affection in a way that isn't overwhelming to them.

Virgo 8/23-9/22

This sign is well marked by clinical behavior and a keen attention to detail. They take care of themselves and their environments and expect the same of you. You maintaining a certain level of cleanliness will go a long way in showing them you care. Focusing on external elements or the behaviors of others is the way Virgo distracts themselves from their needs and problems.

Show them that it is OK to feel any certain way and they will love it! Coax them to share something personal from the other side of the wall they keep raised. Nurture their insecurities and fears, basically if you make them feel safe and strong, they will always love you!

Libra 9/23-10/22

Libra is constantly in the limelight and being superficially complimented. If you can positively comment on their hidden traits you will be elevated out of the crowd in their eyes. After taking them out to nice places with distinctive flair, let them talk about themselves. They are happy to unload their true thoughts and feelings.

As you learn more about them, you will make short work of their indecisiveness. Don't force them into a decision, even if it's the right one, they will start to resist you. Talk through and explain your take on the available options, giving them ample time to come to their own decision.

Scorpio 10/23-11/21

You picked a difficult sign to love, my friend. Scorpios don't like to express themselves and are in love with mystery. Their secretive nature will not dissipate entirely no matter what, so be sure to state and enforce your emotional needs. Foster a sense of understanding as you delve into their secrets and mysteries, everything they share with you is a sign of trust and love.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of a Scorpio, beware! They are Earth bound hellions when anyone breaks or screws with their heart. If you see an end coming to your relationship, keep this in mind. Try to end as much as you can on friendly terms.

Sagittarius 11/22-12/21

If you want to successfully tie down this hopeless romantic, good luck! Naturally flirtatious, and sparking debates, Sagittarius is a social animal. Some hilarious jokes, or emotion filled poetry is bound to catch their attention.

Nail the intention home with a clearly stated interest in them. People flirt and play with Sagittarius all day, you have to be sure to show, in some way your seriousness.

Capricorn 12/22-1/19

To keep this feisty and sexual sign interested, play to their natural hunter instincts. Let them get a sincere taste, then move away and keep them wanting more. Don't play hard to get too roughly as they may lose interest.

As soon as they are interested show off your serious and brainy side. Capricorns hate dumb and superficial personalities. Do so modestly, or your hubris will scare them away.

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

Successfully seducing this water sign pivots on how you present the element of freedom in the relationship. Incredibly smart, Aquarius is only willing to be chained by a stimulating, well rounded, brilliant and modest lover.

Keep the pace of dynamic ways of expressing your love to them, past the first few dates. Aquarius can be faithful to their partner, but only if that partner keeps their interest.

Pisces 2/19-3/20

Don't be hesitant to show off your weird streaks and distinct tendencies, these will be your ticket into their heart! Pisces are benevolent personalities that love to love and love being loved.

They are constantly laughing and searching for adventure. They are free and present personalities, that people sometimes take advantage of.

When trying to save your lover from these deceptive people, do it discreetly. Nurture and protect them, and you will always have your own little ball of joy!

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The Four Facial Traits That Make The Most Attractive People

Researchers keep on trying to unlock the million-dollar question: what makes a person the most beautiful? The media keeps on changing the women they show as most beautiful and we keep on changing our appearance and fashion in an attempt to keep up. But the question is, do we actually ever actually "feel" beautiful?"

Does it truly come down to a science, where certain traits deem a person most attractive or is beauty relative like they say? Let's find out!

The More Symmetry The Better

woman with hair wrapped in a headcsarf

Oladimeji Odunsi / Unsplash

​Many experimental studies have shown that men and women both prefer faces that are more symmetrical. They even came up with ratios and masks that can measure the level of symmetry in a face, and by extension its beauty. Even monkeys have been noticed gazing longer at symmetrical faces.

But why? Well, science doesn't seem to have gotten that far. It could have something to do with evolution and our brains tricking themselves into thinking that a symmetrical face must be a sign of good health. Maybe we associate good genes with the more successful development of a facial structure.

Having "Babyface" Features

woman leans with her elbow over bridge

Hans Mendoza / Unsplash

​The idea of the fountain of youth didn't come out of anywhere. There is a belief that people are at their most beautiful in the prime of their youth, where they've grown enough to have adult features, but haven't experienced enough to lose their innocence and be affected by the environment.

From this idea, came the "baby face", where large eyes, long lashes, a cute little nose, a small chin, plump lips, and rosy cheeks are desirable. These traits can either describe a baby or a supermodel but the idea is that they reflect feelings of warmth, trust and won't argue back.

The More Average, The More Relatable

people crossing the street in a big group

Jacek Dylag / Unsplash

People are actually attracted to faces that appear distinctly average. Yes, the more you look like the general population, the more attractive you can come off, which just seems ironic.

The reason some studies made this conclusion, is that teh more average a face is, the more they likely are to be a blend of genes A study, published in the journal Human Nature said that average faces might be a reflection of a more diverse set of genes, which we might subconsciously consider as stronger in fighting off illnesses.

Something About Getting Older

older man with beard and glasses

JJ Jordan / Unslpash

Maybe women seem more attractive with baby faces but forget about youth when it comes to women's attraction to men. Women might actually end up being more attracted to men who look older according to a study.

This idea is still evolving and has something to do with women finally having a place in the workforce. The more financially independent they become, the more they like older guys, according to the study. They even named this the "George Clooney Effect" which showed women that the more patient they are, the better their chances at finding a man has more status and resources due to being older.

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Familiar Faces Per Genetics

man holds up woman who smiles down at him

Joanna Nix-Walkup / Unsplash

Ask yourself how you feel when you meet someone who looks like someone else you love? You probably automatically take a liking to them just because they seem familiar, even if you've truly never met them before. You might even just trust them right away. In the same way, the more familiar a person might feel, the more we could be attracted to them.

Another study found that the faces we are attracted to are heavily influenced by our personal experiences in life, and probably nothing more. This theory says it's not because of genetics as even twins couldn't agree on who they found attractive. It just depends on who you meet and look at throughout your life and the experiences you associate with them.

Basically You Can't Win

redheaded woman on red background

Jordan Whitfield / Unsplash

Well, it turns out, even when you try to with science, you really can't define beauty. Some people are attracted to babyfaces, while some can't help but be drawn to older ones. Some people's brains attach symmetry with good health while others just want an average-looking face to continue their genes. So the message is, beauty is relative after all. I am beautiful and you are beautiful and everyone will be most attractive to someone.

Rather than focus on looks, focus on the person on the inside. You're here for a reason. This is your sign to get to know yourself better and unleash your potential.

Take a quick zodiac reading here to find out how you can take control of your life. Find out how you can achieve your goals and reach your utmost potential, and get more information,l by clicking HERE.