The Best Way To Attract Someone Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Aquarius 1/20-2/18

Successfully seducing this water sign pivots on how you present the element of freedom in the relationship. Incredibly smart, Aquarius is only willing to be chained by a stimulating, well rounded, brilliant and modest lover.

Keep the pace of dynamic ways of expressing your love to them, past the first few dates. Aquarius can be faithful to their partner, but only if that partner keeps their interest.

Pisces 2/19-3/20

Don't be hesitant to show off your weird streaks and distinct tendencies, these will be your ticket into their heart! Pisces are benevolent personalities that love to love and love being loved.

They are constantly laughing and searching for adventure. They are free and present personalities, that people sometimes take advantage of.

When trying to save your lover from these deceptive people, do it discreetly. Nurture and protect them, and you will always have your own little ball of joy!

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