This Is What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Innermost Thoughts

Discover what your zodiac sign reveals about your subconscious mind...


Aries is fiercely independent and ambitious. They're very headstrong and always ready to take on the world.

This confidence can sometimes come off as arrogance though, and Aries can get very bossy and even condescending. Don't forget to listen to what others have to say.


Taurus may seem a little pig-headed initially, but they just know what works for them and they want to do things their way.

They value loyalty and mutual trust more than almost anything. Try to be more flexible, your way may not always be the best way to do things.


Gemini are basically two sides of the same coin. It can be extremely challenging to pin down their true thoughts or feelings because they flip-flop so often.

They can be withdrawn and solitary or outright extroverted depending on the day. For the most part you're just interested in having fun and keeping things light.


Cancer is famously sensitive and easily hurt. For this reason, sometimes it can be especially challenging to break down their walls.

Don't be so afraid of getting hurt that you never get to enjoy intimacy. Love is all about trusting your tender heart to someone, and while the risk is great, so is the reward.


Leo can come off as a little obnoxious at times. This is probably because they tend to be blunt and up front about everything.

Sometimes they can lack a good filter. While this might make for awkward social situations every now and again, you are secure in your principles and you know exactly who you are.


Virgos are very logical and scientific in nature. They are excellent at analyzing a difficult situation from the outside and breaking down all the possible solutions.

This can be a great talent if somebody wants advice, but try not to forget your warmth and empathy, especially when the difficult situation directly involves you.


Libra loves balance and harmony and it shows in the amount of effort and time they put in to make sure it rules their lives.

They believe that happiness comes from within and they don't just wait for it show up.


Scorpio is often quite intimidating to others. They can come off as mysterious and aloof, it may feel difficult to really get to know them.

To those who are trying to get close, it may seem like they can switch moods any second. It's a roller coaster and can be thrilling or scary, depending on who you ask.


Sagittarius is bold and boisterous. They can sometimes be a little overwhelming, but they're brave and confident and this can lead to lots of wild adventures if you're up for it.

Sagittarius are bored easily and live life on the edge, they need to be surrounded with people who can keep up.


Capricorn have some of the strongest work ethic out there. They're such good workers that sometimes they can completely lose themselves in whatever it is they're doing.

They're also prone to become workaholics. It's awesome to be goal oriented and motivated, but don't forget to relax and have some fun, too. Life isn't all about work!


Aquarius tends to err on the side of cold logic and avoid feelings. This can lead to too much isolation and introspection.

Get out and travel, experience the world and all the different kinds of people in it. You will definitely be better off for it.


Pisces are friendly people pleasers. They can find something they like about pretty much anybody and have a habit of being social chameleons, changing their behavior to match the crowd.

The downside of this is that they may struggle to find a strong sense of self.

It's okay to be flexible, but pin down and stick to your own basic personality traits. The real you is in there and you should get to know them!

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