Zodiac Jokes That Will Momentarily Bring You Back Down To Earth

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This is just a friendly reminder that as much as our birth charts, astrology, and numerology can reveal about our past, present and future, we should not rely on it as a crutch. This means that our zodiacs were never meant to justify toxic behavior or condone bad habits. Our alignment with the stars may reveal a lot of dark secrets but it is up to us to use that knowledge to better ourselves and the universe we live in, not use it as an excuse for our behavior.

But for now, have a laugh at some of the ways that zodiacs have been taken out of context in modern culture and used in hilarious ways.

Judging Others

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jakesastrology / Instagram

jakesastrology / Instagram

Zodiac signs might indicate that certain signs use their logic over their hearts or are too emotional to ever be able to stop crying, but this is quite a surface level of interpretation. There are 7.6 people in the world and there is no way to predict their entre personalities in just twelve categories.

Rather our zodiacs may explain our tendencies. They shouldn’t be used to put people in boxes.