This Is What It's Like To Be In Love For Each Zodiac Sign

5. Taurus And love (April 20th - May 20th)

If you've ever been with a Taurus then you already know that these individuals are some of the more stable out of the rest of the Zodiac signs. Often demonstrating huge acts of kindness or love, a Taurus can prove to be one of the most down to earth lovers you could possibly find.

However, it is definitely not easy claiming their love for it has to be earned first in order for you to get anywhere with them at all. Stubborn and proud, a Taurus moves only for the ones they care about most.

6. Gemini And Love (May 21st - June 20th)

It is hard for a Gemini to truly express their feelings locked away in their heart. Most of the time they are basing a lot of their emotions off what they are thinking in that moment in time, never truly listening to what their gut is trying to tell them.

Love can be something that is completely out of the question for them or rather they just don't know what they should expect out of a relationship with certain people.

7. Cancer And love (June 21st - July 22nd)

A Cancer may be one of the most heartfelt beings you could ever meet. They have an endless passion for being home, an undying love for their family & friends, and are always acting on their emotions whenever they are able to express themselves.

Finding love in someone else is something rare for a Cancer, not because of how much they love as it is, but to find someone that truly shares the same kind of love as they do is something not everyone is able to understand.

8. Leo And Love (July 23rd - Aug. 22nd)

Leo's are usually some of the most self-absorbed lovers, always needing attention in ways you wouldn't really expect.

However, when it comes to the person they are in love with for extended periods of time, they prove to be some of the most amazing partners you could ever ask for in another person. Sometimes a Leo will even obsess over the person they have fallen in love with.

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