This Is What It's Like To Be In Love For Each Zodiac Sign

9. Virgo And Love (Aug. 23rd - Sept. 22nd)

Virgo's and love are an interesting sight to see whenever you get the chance to witness it. Virgo's don't necessarily express their love like the other Zodiac signs do but instead of going to give the person they love a hug instead they decide to ruffle their hair or a sarcastic thumbs up.

This doesn't mean they aren't excited to see them, they just get really shy at the last moment and do something out of the ordinary. Falling out of love is something they fear most.

10. Libra's And Love (Sept. 23rd - Oct. 22nd)

Libra's are often the ones who are always commenting on the beauty of their relationship as well as always making sure that everything is as it should be, especially when it comes to their personally relationships with people.

Libra's express their love through little gestures or meaningful conversations with the people around them. However, more often than not they also tend to think that their heart has a mind of its own.

11. Scorpio's And Love (Oct. 23rd - Nov. 21st)

Scorpio's are actually some of the boldest when it comes to the person or people they love most. Scorpio's have a pretty deep understanding for the way things work in relationships since they base a lot of their emotions off of previous experiences.

This can lead to them feeling a bit possessive over their partner, especially if they consider you to be a great catch.

12. Sagittarius And Love ( Nov. 22nd - Dec. 21st)

Sagittarius are some of the most intense lovers you could ever have as well. Whenever a Sagittarius finds love in someone, that feeling amplifies their happiness ten fold whenever they are able to make the person they are in love with proud, excited, happy, or anything else that's essentially it's own reward.

Many would agree that being in love with a Sagittarius is like being in love with the sun itself as to how bright they really are.

Do you think your Zodiac sign was accurate in the way you feel about love? How would you describe love differently from your Zodiac?

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