This Is How Your Zodiac Sign Influences Your Intimate Relationships

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Aries likes to come first. That shouldn’t be a surprise. They’re even first in this list! They’re great leaders and are often incredibly impulsive and have a tendency to focus on themselves more.

Your greatest hindrance in an intimate relationship is giving a little bit of slack to your partner.


Taurus is stubborn and enjoys the finer things in life. They can be relaxed one moment and incredibly aggravated emotionally the next. They often pass up on new chances due to feeling limited.

You’re loyal, but try to keep yourself emotionally stable.


Gemini is intense and yet playful. That intensity is the dark twin to Gemini’s light self.

They’re difficult to keep up with and have trouble communicating. You have trouble finding connections, but when you do, don’t let your dark twin call the shots.


Cancer is a crabby one, often being moody and oversensitive about themselves.

They are very altruistic people but tend to be difficult in relationships. Find ways to express yourself fully, and don’t be afraid to show your soft underbelly.


Leo is a ferocious person and has little patience for bullshit.

They’re proud of who they are and who they choose. They aren’t good at give and take in a relationship. Be sure you’re allowing some wiggle room for compromise in your relationship.


Virgo is the diplomatic leader of the bunch. They have a keen sense of right and wrong and has difficulty accepting criticism.

Be sure you’re not letting stubbornness or pride get in the way of your ability to govern diplomatically in your relationship and elsewhere.


Libra is full of personality and wants a perfect balance in every part of their life.

They love harmony and peace in relationships, but tend to become shattered at the sight of even the most trivial adversity. Dig deeper into the emotional realms of your partner to build strength in yourself.


Scorpio is loyal and trustworthy and will react harshly if their trust in you is shattered.

They don’t handle rejection well and won’t be chasing you down if you decide to play games. Try not to hold a grudge if you’ve been done wrong, Scorpio. Learn to forgive.


Sagittarius is the most independent of the bunch. They like to be in control of their sails as well as the wind.

In a relationship, they like to pick everything that you do. But remember, you can adjust your sails but you can’t control the wind. Let your partner make some decisions sometime.


Capricorn is the most reasonable of the signs. Their drawback is their lofty goals.

They’re loyal and cool, but they can come off as seeming like they think you’re not good enough, and there’s a reason for that. Whatever ideal partner you have in your head, take some time to examine the picture. You may find love in another type of person.


Aquarius can seem cold in their hearts and they don’t like to get tied down to anyone right away.

They can be cool and unemotional, but they have an incredible knack for comforting the upset. Remember to keep your heart open and be willing to let your partner in when the time is right.


Pisces comes off as shiny and happy, but their desire to cling to others can stifle their own personal growth.

They don’t focus inward nearly enough. Spending time in nature helps you learn to be an independent person, Pisces, just don’t take it to an extreme. You can still rely on your partner.

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