The Zodiac Sign Personality Test – Which Dominant Personality Trait Matches Each Sign?

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Each individual Zodiac sign has their own specific pool of traits that they identify with. Though you might be able to pick out the ones that specifically define your own zodiac sign, do you think you’re able to guess the traits that represent the others?

This test is able to show just how accurate you are in your calculations of summing up the other signs with only two words that are able to describe them.

Not everyone is able to guess accurately which traits define which zodiac sign.

The only thing that you can base your answers off of is your intuition and what you might know from what your friends have told you about their own signs.

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It’s important to remember that each zodiac has a certain set of skills that the others lack so you must be willing to think critically about the answer before you decide to give your complete analysis.

There is no timer, so you can take all the time you need in order to make an accurate decision.

You may actually be very surprised with what the results are and how much you know about the other zodiacs!

Unless you’ve studied everything there is to know about every zodiac, this test can prove to be difficult even for those who have been reading horoscopes for years.