Your Daily Zodiac Reading For July 22nd 2019

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Today is a 5 day numerologically.

5 indicates adaptability, independence of thought and action, and an unwillingness/refusal to conform.

It increases personal versatility and autonomy but cautions us to guard against change for changes sake.

Change is necessary for us to grow but if we’re not careful, we become lost and fail to find our way. Change is organic to every species on earth. Adapt or perish.

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Moon continues to transit of Pisces until the early hours, at which time it wanders into Aries.

This brings the change mentioned above, giving us more to do than we want, but also brings the excitement and dynamism of something new.

Sun moves into its home sign of Leo tonight where it will remain until the 23rd of August. The Sun in this sign is proud, outgoing, and playful, but also rules with a velvet fist.

It’s time to shine, add a hint of color and drama to our lives and relationships, and enjoy our creative expression in the full light of the heavens.