Your Daily Zodiac Reading For July 7th 2019

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Today is an 8 day, numerologically.

This day has an assertive, determined, and responsible feel to it that we won’t be able to ignore. Finance and business are featured, though those areas might be turbulent and difficult to navigate.

That’s fine. Other influences will smooth things out.

Moon is in responsible Virgo but goes void-of-course midday until it enters fair and balanced Libra tomorrow morning in the wee hours.

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Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron are all retrograde today. These events will definitely stir things up in our lives.

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Read on for your daily astrology report!


Today shifts into a harmonious cycle for you, Aries, which is so different from your chaotic and disharmonious energy other days.

Unfortunately, there will still be frustrations, inconveniences, and delays, even for you, but it will be a cake walk compared to the rest of the zodiac.

If you start feeling sorry for yourself, just look around. The sky isn’t actually falling, but it sure will feel like it is.

Later in the day, home is highlighted, though there will be old issues you thought you’d settled but which come up like a septic tank backing up.

Deal with it as best you can and retire early if you can. You need the rest.


All the planets that are retrograde today will influence you in decision-making, though they will do so in stealth mode.

You’ll recognize that you’re thinking weird thoughts, but it may not seep into your consciousness why you’re thinking weird thoughts.

If you allow them to come through, you will find yourself opening your mind to new ways of thinking and expressing yourself that will feel like coming home, as if you’ve always been meant to think this way.

This will also shine a light on areas where your thinking may need upgrading. It’s all good.


You have three weeks from today to review your options and rethink plans, as your ruling planet, Mercury, is full-on retrograde.

Anything related to communications, transportation, electronics, or conversing with others will be screwy…or not. That’s what is great about Mercury Rx…you never know where it will mess with you.

And whether it will at all! If you were born with Mercury Rx in your natal chart, then you will experience this period in a completely different way than those born with Mercury Direct in their chart.

Just plot a course and do your best to stay on it. Ignore impulsive tendencies. See you on the flip side.


You’re focused on finances, income, and budgets right now, which is a good thing.

You will accomplish a lot of positive progress in these areas under the current cosmic situation…which is a hot mess.

Doing something regimented and precise helps avoid the nightmares that others will be experiencing over the next three weeks.

Numbers don’t lie.

Invest your time in cleaning up your own finances and then perhaps volunteer to help someone in your circle of friends and family.

They’ll be grateful for the assistance, and you’ll have turned negative energy into a positive. Good for you!


Confusion may be part of a healthy breakfast this weekend as Mercury and numerous other planets seem to go in reverse in our skies.

You may feel misunderstood, urging you to be as clear as possible in all communications for the next three weeks.

No, the universe is not out to get you, though it may feel like it. You tend more toward introspection instead of your usual extroverted approach to life.

Intuition wins over logic and rationale every time, so perhaps it’s time to start relying on it. Take it slow and focus on making sure the details are right.

You can’t lose.


You may find problems cropping up on the daily right now due to your ruling planet, Mercury, stationing retrograde today, which will continue until the end of the month.

Your usually foolproof instincts might just lead you astray, so trust with caution.

People will set up appointments with you and then not show up. Things you order online seem to get lost temporarily, as if they vanished in thin air.

Then they’ll be at your doorstep with no explanation as to why they’re a few weeks late. Might as well get used to it for now. It’ll be over eventually.


These retrograde planets are going to impact your sector of friends and family, contributions, and then career and reputation.

It’ll feel like the dominos start to fall today, and then fall continuously through the end of the month.

That’s not to stay it’ll be difficult, but by the 31st you’re going to be ready for a long vacation.

But by then, you’ll be up to your neck in deadlines, so the next eight weeks are going to seem tortuously slow. But you can get through it with grace and panache, just like always.


You’re advised to catch up on things that seemed to slow down before today.

You are likely frustrated by these events, but the universe always has a plan even if we don’t know what it is for now.

Don’t approach these tasks as annoying or inconvenient or else they’ll turn into unwanted chores, which will make things worse for you.

Review debts and financial obligations and plot a clear path to the future.

When communicating in public or with colleagues and managers, take it slowly, as you’re likely to say something innocent that will cause great drama. Not your intention, but still…


In the science world, there’s such a thing as “fuzzy thinking,” and you will definitely be experiencing that today and probably for the next few weeks as there are six planets zipping backward in retrograde currently.

If you don’t think that’ll mess up your thinking, you may be under the influence already!

There will be detours and slow-downs in every part of the day, but they may be the silver lining of all this chaos.

This energy will allow you to peek behind the curtain to get a glimpse of problems before they become something major.

Be proactive and get things taken care of and you’ll win the day.


You’re about to find yourself backtracking your efforts in finance, intimate relationships, and trust, thanks to Mercury and five other planets all retrograde right now.

You’re encouraged to withdraw from the chaos and go deep inside to review your life up until this point. Is this where you wanted to be?

What goals have you set that will serve you best?

This is an excellent time to do a personal inventory, so you’re prepared once the heavens rearrange themselves in a more pleasing and helpful manner.


These retrograde planets take aim at your personal relationships, Aquarius, and you can expect delays, interruptions, distractions, and just downright aggravation.

Everyone seems set on going against everything you think, say, or do, and that’s enough to make you pull your hair out.

You may be looking behind you to events that happened long ago, and it’s stealing your attention away from the here and now.

Examine the angles and figure out how best to proceed. It won’t be easy, but you’re a trooper. There’s really not a lot that can shove you off balance.


Your work and health sectors are going to feel the brunt of this retrograde period in which six planets are zipping every which way in the heavens.

However, for you, these slow downs and frustrations will actually work in your favor, as you’ll discover ways to make significant improvements in the ways you’ve been doing things until now.

As a silver lining, that’s a really beneficial one. Don’t take anything for granted right now, especially your friends and loved ones.

The changes and refinements you make now will prove quite valuable down the road.

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