Discover What Your Superpower Is Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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It’s fun to imagine what life would be life would be like if we had super powers.Beating the daily commute with self sufficient flight, being the perfect camping fiend with pyrokinesis.

I always wonder if the world would be a more peaceful place if everyone had superpowers.

A lot of superpowers have a destructive element to them, and that added inherent danger and ability would reshape not only combat but the way societies would be run.

I feel that there would more awareness and social influence to be better people. If your neighbor had the ability to level your block, people would more more inclined to be polite and empathetic as a defense mechanism.

Everyone would be looked at one another with more respect and empathy. Or sadly, there is the possibility that we get more violent and self destructive as people would become more paranoid and scared of each other.

Radical revolution is ought by most people, and it’s fun to play with various catalysts for change. This is one of the more inventive mediums of change. Most imagined world changing events are an apocalypse of sorts.

A natural disaster, nuclear war, viral outbreaks and asteroid impact are on the top of the favorite ways to destroy and reinvent the world scenario.

Superpowers would be more of a rebuilding the world situation opposed to nearly utter annihilation.

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