The Two Faces of Each Zodiac Sign (Strengths And Weaknesses)

It goes without saying that human beings are complicated and that an individuals' emotions can very significantly within a single day, not to mention over the course of a lifetime.

No one can expect absolute emotional consistency from a friend or partner, but chances are that you might notice patterns of moods and behaviors over some longer span of association.

While it may be tempting to throw your hands up in frustration in the face of your friend or partner's frequent mood swings, it is likely more productive to take time to understand them on a deeper level.

After all, much of the intrigue and meaning of life is born out of apparent dualities in nature, whether good and evil, happiness and sadness, victory and defeat, and so on.

A quick and effective way to gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of a loved one's personality is to consider their birthday and accompanying zodiac sign.

As each of the twelve zodiac signs bears corresponding strengths and weaknesses reflecting the dualities inherent in every person's nature.

You can look up which zodiac sign corresponds to those close to you to get a better idea about the dual aspects of their personality and check their compatibility with your own sign.

One note regarding the birthday ranges supplied in each zodiac sign description below: the Sidereal system was developed in the Hindu zodiac, while the Tropical system was developed by the Mesopotamians and later carried through time by the Ancient Greeks.

They correspond surprisingly closely despite differences in measurement, so you can look up both to see which seems to fit better.

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So without further adieu, here are the twelve signs of the zodiac and their two faces:

Aries (The Ram)

The Greek God of War, those born under the Aries sign are ambitious, energetic, and are passionate in everything they do. They refuse to accept failure and have the willpower to keep going until they achieve their goals.

However, that passion and energy can sometimes turn into anger and general irritability if things or people stand in the way of what they want.

Since their patience is often thin when there's something to be accomplished, Aries are not known for being good listeners or empathetic conversation partners and often will interrupt others to impose their own ideas on the situation.

Because of this, it's important for an Aries to learn how to deal with this side of their personalities to avoid needless and counterproductive confrontations.

If an Aries is able to control their aggressive side, they will be seen as a natural leader and role model and find great success in whatever they choose to pursue.

Opposite Of: Libra

Birthdays: March 21 to April 20 (Tropical), April 15 - May 15 (Sidereal)

Taurus (The Bull)

As the astrological equivalent of a bull, those born under this zodiac sign keep going and pushing forward no matter what burden they might bear.

They are dependable, hard-working, and stable over time. This makes them excellent partners, as they are steadfast in their fidelity to their loved ones and make for amazing sources of strength within the family.

The higher likelihood of monetary success that comes along with a Taurus' impressive work ethic isn't bad either.

Naturally, such amazing qualities are also accompanied by potentially negative reflections.

While a Taurus is in it for the long-haul, that also makes them inflexible and possibly too demanding, whether of themselves or those close to them.

They are not known for being successful at compromising or thinking quickly on their feet to solve a tricky situation.

Instead, a Taurus prefers to stick to what has worked in the past, which can work both for and against them depending on the situation.

Opposite Of: Scorpio

Birthdays: April 21 - May 21 (Tropical), May 16-June 15 (Sidereal)

Gemini (The Twins)

As the nickname suggests, it can be difficult to know what you're getting when dealing with Geminis for an extended period of time.

You might initially feel attracted to the light and friendly atmosphere that they emanate, and it is common for a Gemini to have wide social circles.

They're a reliable choice for a travel partner or someone to share an adventure with, as their positive and open-minded attitude will never hold you back.

At the same time, Geminis have difficulties holding themselves back as well and tend to float with the wind, so to speak.

They generally lack a strong sense of responsibility and might not be there when you need them most.

Watch out if some misfortune does befall a Gemini enough to affect their mood, as you'll observe first-hand their darker twin aspects such as depression and anxiety.

Opposite Of: Sagittarius

Birthdays: May 22 - June 21 (Tropical), June 16 - July 15 (Sidereal)

Cancer (The Crab)

Since calling someone a Cancer has taken a darker turn in our day, let's just call those born under this astrological sign the slightly less insulting Crab instead.

Contrary to what you might expect, Crabs aren't crabby in the least, but are often the most empathetic and emotionally supporting people around.

They constantly dedicate their time to others and to causes they believe in and will keep giving incessantly due to their generous and caring nature.

However, this enhanced emotional sensitivity also causes Crabs to take things far more seriously and judge themselves more severely than others, which makes them more susceptible than average to depression and mental instability.

A Cancer makes an amazing friend or partner, but it is important to be aware of the limits of their energy, as they will keep giving and worrying about you until they exhaust themselves and wind up in a dark place.

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Opposite Of: Capricorn

Birthdays: June 22 - July 22 (Tropical), July 16 - August 15 (Sidereal)

Leo (The Lion)

While an Aries achieves their goals through sheer willpower, a Leo seems to find success at whatever they try more effortlessly. Leos make natural leaders, as their competence is combined with equal measures of confidence and charm.

On the flip side, its easy to perceive Leos as arrogant and full of themselves, even superficial at times. Without a humble perspective of their gifts, Leos might drive people away with their egotistical behavior.

Opposite Of: Aquarius

Birthdays: July 23 - August 22 (Tropical), August 16 - September 15 (Sidereal)

Virgo (The Maiden)

If forced to describe Virgos in one word, analytical is probably the one to settle on.

Excellent problem solving and a highly logical thought process are trademarks of the Virgo brain, making them perfect to turn to in a pinch.

But don't expect Virgos to be the life of the party, as it's difficult for them to open up to others and roll with the punches.

They require as much structure in their lives as they do in their minds, making them seem unreasonably disagreeable to the spontaneous ideas of other people.

Virgos have to make an effort to get out of their own heads and relax their critical standards to overcome these aspects of their personalities.

Opposite Of: Pisces

Birthdays: August 23 - September 23 (Tropical), September 16 - October 15 (Sidereal)

Libra (The Scales)

Libras represent the balance in all things. As such, they are the perfect ones to turn to in stressful times, as their inherent kindness and peaceful natures make them very stable and comforting.

Just as life isn't always in balance however, neither can Libras always keep things on even keel.

Situations can be left unresolved for extended periods of time because they seek to avoid confrontations no matter what, and it is also easy for Libras to be taken advantage of if they don't develop the ability to stick up for themselves.

Opposite Of: Aries

Birthdays: September 24 - October 23 (Tropical), October 16 - November 15 (Sidereal)

Scorpio (The Scorpion)

Scorpios are well known for their intelligence and resourcefulness and can lighten up the conversation with a verbal sparring partner thanks to their keen wit. As best friends, Scorpios exceed other signs in loyalty and dedication.

However, like the scorpions for which their sign is named, Scorpios have a strong defense mechanism if they feel under threat.

They will not hesitate to plan detailed and elaborate revenge if they feel wronged, and have no qualms manipulating others to achieve such ends.

As such, it is advisable to keep on a Scorpios good side or else you might just end up feeling their sting.

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Opposite Of: Taurus

Birthdays: October 24 - November 22 (Tropical), November 16 - December 15 (Sidereal)

Sagittarius (The Archer)

Those born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign tend to follow their interests with enthusiasm wherever they might lead.

This results in an exciting life which, if oriented properly and with a fair shake of luck, serves as a source of inspiration for others and gives Sagittarius' opportunities to explore their passions.

However, without some external limitations, Sagittarius' are prone to flitting around without ever establishing roots or building a solid base for the future.

If they lack a clear goal or direction in which to head, it is easy for a Sagittarius to lose sight of where they are and seem to start over constantly.

Opposite Of: Gemini

Birthdays: November 23 - December 21 (Tropical), December 16 - January 14 (Sidereal)

Capricorn (The Mountain Sea-Goat)

Capricorns are known for their high motivation to always do the best they can and to keep pushing forward until they get the job done.

Thanks to their intelligence and strong sense of practicality, Capricorns often find success in life.

They are also known for their honesty and integrity and make for great leaders due to all of these qualities.

But, like other leader signs on this list like Aries' or Leos, Capricorns tend to let their talents go to their heads and might drive people away due to their arrogance and sense of superiority over others.

Just as with Leos, high pride serves as both motivation to succeed and a barrier to accepting the help and ideas of others.

It also pays to stay out of a Capricorns way when they're in the middle of something, as they tend to become annoyed by disturbances and aren't afraid to show it.

Opposite Of: Cancer

Birthdays: December 22 - January 20 (Tropical), January 15 - February 14 (Sidereal)

Aquarius (The Water-Bearer)

If you meet someone new and walk away thinking that you just met a really fascinating person, there's a better chance than not that your new friend is an Aquarius.

Known for their intellectual diversity and sense of wonder towards the world, its common to meet Aquarius' traveling the world and pursuing a variety of interests.

These qualities make them very diverse, interesting and often highly creative people.

These positive features also come with the drawback of insensitiveness and unavailability, as they often seem aloof and not deeply invested in the emotional side of human behavior.

It takes effort for an Aquarius to develop emotional awareness to go alongside with their advanced practicality.

Opposite Of: Leo

Birthdays: January 21 - February 19 (Tropical), February 15 - March 14 (Sidereal)

Pisces (The Fish)

Another emotionally giving yet vulnerable sign in the vein of Cancers, Pisces make for some of the best friends and partners thanks to their kindness and loyalty.

They will go above and beyond what is required to ensure the safety and happiness of their loved ones and give without any expectation of reward.

Like before, this giving nature also casts a shadow of self-doubt and can lead to exhaustion and negative moods.

Because of this, Pisces generally need more alone time than others to recharge and work through their more negative thoughts.

Opposite Of: Virgo

Birthdays: February 20 - March 20 (Tropical), March 15 - April 14 (Sidereal)

It is the dualities within each person's nature that enrich our lives and help us to appreciate the good times while being able to get through the bad.

So it pays to be aware of the varying moods and actions of those close to us, as a proper understanding of the richness of life's experience can lead to a life of joy without complacency or boredom.

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Death And Breakups Trigger The Same Unbearable Pain, Except For This One Crucial Difference

There is a false believe that true, intense grief is only experienced during the loss of a loved one to death. However, more and more we're realizing that any kind of loss can be grieved, even if it's just a breakup, Grief in all its stages, is experienced is whenever a person faces a life changing loss from intimate relationships, losing a job, a house to a fire, having to relocate, you name it. However there is still one major difference between death and breakups that make breakups even more painful.

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Depression From Loneliness

woman sits on chair by window, hugging in her knees

Anthony Tran / Unsplash

Psychological studies have spent a long time trying to understand the pain receptors that are activated during grief. They found that the loss of a loved one has specific depression symptoms, primarily loneliness, which then leads to other depressive symptoms.

In both kinds of losses (death or breakups), the grieving person has to relearn how to be in the absence of someone they shared a bond with and gave a lot of time to. Not being able to see them anymore, whether by circumstance or choice, can feel really isolating and lonely.

Constant Triggers In Routines

man cries while sitting in front o bed

Claudia Wolff / Unsplash

One of the hardest changes experienced in these losses is having to readapt to a whole new lifestyle. The longer the relationships before the losses, the harder it is to accustom to a daily life alone. A routine that was once taken for granted, or even mundane stops making sense, leaving the griever with a shattered sense of self.

Sometimes it's the smallest reminders that cause the greatest pains like having to go to the grocery store alone or walking past the favorite restaurant of a lost loved one. It's quite difficult to build a life from scratch.

Both Kinds Of Grief Impact The Physical Body

woman laying in bed with her hair covering her face

Yuris Alhumaydy / Unsplash

Both breakups and death can take a toll on the physical body. A grieving person will often experience trouble eating, trouble sleeping, low energy, and even panic attacks. Not to mention that each one of those systems will lead to its own effect like trouble sleeping will lead to headaches, nausea, and an ability to concentrate. These symptoms create a vicious cycle of pain.

The feeling of loss is not just emotional but also physical, which makes sense when thinking that the person we lost is no longer physically there. The creates a longing for their physical body to be able to hug it or feel its warmth once again.

A Loss Of The Future

black and white photo of hand touching its reflection

Shoeib Abolhassani / Unsplash

One thing that breakups and death have in common is that no one really plans for them or can predict when they happen. No one enters a relationship thinking that it's just going to end. Usually, long-term plans are made together and when the person we made them with is gone, so is the hope we had of the future we had. Not only do we grieve the loss of that person but the loss of the future as well.

it becomes hard to live for tomorrow having no idea where it now leads ad it. Grief then creates a void and the grieving person feels like it's walking aimlessly, now lost in the vastity of the world. It takes time to then find hope in a new future.

If you're looking for more information on how this retrograde will take its toll on you specifically, then you'll need your own zodiac reading.

The Major Difference Between Death And Breakups: Ambiguous Grief

woman looking to the side standing by smokey mountain

Elsa Tonkinwise / Unsplash

We have no choice when it comes to death. It's the inevitable part of our existence and we have no control over its timing. When we lose someone to death we have no choice but to say goodbye and continue knowing that they no longer are a part of our world. However, a breakup is a choice. This is a lot harder to express because even when we say goodbye, we then have to continue living knowing that the person we lost still walks among us, but that we no longer have the privilege of sharing life with them. The grief of a breakup is not only in having to say goodbye to a relationship that's now over and a person that's gone, but also in having to watch that very same person live on with us.

Grieving someone that is still alive in that way is known as ambiguous grief. It means that we're experiencing a loss because someone has changed or disappeared and are stuck in limbo between hoping that everything will return to normal and trying to grasp that life as we know it is also fading away.

Abandonment Grief

two hands hold a cutout black heart

Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Experiencing grief can come with a complicated set of abandonment issues. Suddenly this person we had trusted to always be with us is gone, leaving us to figure life out alone. However, the abonnement is scarring when it is experienced through rejection. A breakup can actually feel traumatic and tap into insecurities and anxieties that date all the way back to childhood.

Suddenly we start expecting everyone who loves us to then also change their mind and leave us. In an attempt to protect ourselves from feeling that loss again, we can never attach fully again, and simply feel incomplete for a long time.

A Breakup Feels Like A Threat To Survival

woman hides her face in darkess

Melanie Wasser / Unsplash

Another reason that grief from a breakup is worse is that the brain processes the loss of a partner as a threat to survival This triggers biological changes because it gets the body ready for self-defense. In a state of emergency, It increases heart rate and blood pressure, decreases appetite, and increases oxygen to the brain to put the body on high alert.

It can even start over-analyzing experiences from the past to learn and prepare for the new perceived danger. This all makes the person feel like they have become obsessed with their ex, and that the only way they'll survive and feel better is if they can go back to the source of their attachment, and get their ex back. When they fail to, it worsens their abandonment anxiety.

Leads To Revenge Or Planning To Get Them Back Are

hand burning poloraid picture

Yivraj Singh / Unsplash

We as human beings are wired to connect. From the moment we're born we develop a deep need for attachment. As we get older we find people we connect with and attach ourselves to them. The attachment is even stronger when part of an intimate relationship as it becomes a primary attachment. When it's suddenly cut off, all the energy that was invested with it has no place to go and completely disrupt the biology of the brain.

To cope with this kind of grief, people resort to one of two methods before reaching acceptance. Either they try to execute revenge, which is just another way to keep holding on to the attachment while projecting their pain. Or, they desperately obsess over trying to get their ex back. Thankfully, the healing process and the stages of grief eventually all lead to acceptance.

It's Okay To Feel Pain, Because There's An End in Sight

woman crying at churhch

Cotton bro / Unsplash

We don't blame you for being frustrated with the pain that relationships bring and wanting to stick with what's comfortable but if you're longing to break the cycle click here to find out how. if you're looking for more information on how grief takes its toll on you specifically, then you'll need your own zodiac reading.

We're each on our own unique path and what some struggle with might not be applicable to you too.

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