This Is Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Unhappy And What They Blame It On

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Capricorn's Unhappiness:

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Capricorn's believe that they are always second best when it comes to the things that they want to do well in. They wallow in their self-pity always looking for new ways for them to figure out how to be happy this next time around.

However, what really makes them the most upset is not appreciating all of the little details they put into the things they love most.

They often forget that there are others who will be there to help them through these difficult times even if they think they aren't going to make it to the finish line.

As a Capricorn, remember that you are never alone when it comes to adversity and that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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Aquarius Unhappiness:

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Aquarius like to overexert themselves a lot which makes them feel completely drained to do literally anything else.

They can find themselves being torn between certain situations that would either give them exactly what they need in that moment in time or wait for a better opportunity to come along for a better chance at obtaining something they don't exactly have yet.

They forget that to pace themselves more often than not which can make them have a downward spiral in their life because of how done they are with everything and everyone.

Pisces Unhappiness:

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With Pisces, it's all about having their trust broken that sends them into these never-ending spirals of despair.

They want to believe that there are good people out in the world who would never do them harm, but unfortunately they come crashing down from that cloud in a heart beat when it actually happens to them.

Pisces bounce back, they are more than capable of fixing their problems rather quickly. Even though they know that it's not a good thing for them to wallow in despair, they still take a moment to cry it out before they begin again.

Aries Unhappiness:

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Aries usually lose their luster to go on if there is nothing there to challenge them to go further than they already have.

Aries long for a purpose in life, if they stand still too long in one place, they may actually lose their mind and do something they'll regret or go way too far.

This could be a variety of things, though, ranging from their careers, love life, family, anything that would make them feel like they aren't living up to their fullest potential.

They hate it when they feel like they are being held back by something.

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Taurus Unhappiness:

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Taurus have a habit of shutting down almost instantly if they didn't do a good job on something they knew they could've done amazingly well.

Sometimes they get distracted by various things that are going on in their lives which makes them feel obligated to take on more than can chew.

It's good to slow things down with a Taurus, be patient with them, and let them focus all of their energy onto one specific thing so that they are able to feel like they did good with at least one thing.

Taurus have to learn to take a deep breath, prioritize the things that matter most, and execute the plan properly.

Gemini Unhappiness:

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Gemini prefer to have a very carefree approach to life and anything that would sully that feeling makes them feel like the worst kind of dirt you could find.

They long to be free in the world, they are always wanting the best out of life and they are willing to go the distance for that specific kind of happiness.

However, it can be daunting with just you all alone in the world. It's good to slow down every now and then, truly soak up all that you can, meet new people, create wonderful new relationships, and uncover things that you might not have ever known before.

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Cancer's Unhappiness:

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Cancer's are usually pretty happy with their lives, it's only when someone volatile comes into their life when they truly start to feel unhappiness.

Getting taken advantage of can really rub a Cancer the wrong way and they despise anyone who would dare trample all over their emotions.

It's good for a Cancer to truly consider the people in their life, weeding out the unworthy and saving room for those who appreciate you for who you really are.

Leo's Unhappiness:

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Leo's usually lose their zest for life if they've been way too lazy with their creativity.

A Leo will find themselves longing for purpose the more they drag out their lives unable to fulfill the piece of them that is always screaming.

This is why it is good for a Leo to keep active with whatever sparks your heart back to life.

Focusing all of your energy into something that you are passionate about can give you the extra boost that a Leo has been looking for.

Expand all of your horizons, do not shut out new ideas, and go with the flow with whatever is making you the happiest at this very moment in time.

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Virgo's Unhappiness:

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Virgo's are always working themselves to death, the feeling they get when something is done and done the right way, nothing sweeter compares to that.

However, this can lead a Virgo down a dark path of not being able to live up to the task at hand.

Whenever they aren't able to complete something knowing full well that they could and probably the right way, it leaves a lasting impression on their view of what success should look like.

As a Virgo it's good to recognize when you've done your absolute best and when there is nothing else for you to do. Never be too hard on yourself because that will only make things harder for you to accomplish.

Libra's Unhappiness:

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Libra's often times have a knack for finding something new, sticking with it for a little while, and then moving onto the next best thing that perked their interest before.

This can leave them feeling as if they don't really belong to anything or anyone which can be a very problematic emotion for a Libra.

This is why a Libra must find one thing that fascinates them the most and then sticking with that thing until you've mastered it entirely.

However, whenever a Libra thinks they can't do it anymore, they will want to jump ship because of their failure. Don't, power through your struggles, and you will see just how capable you really are.

Scorpio's Unhappiness:

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Scorpio's have a horrible habit of copying what their friends are doing in that moment of time.

This can prove to be a very problematic existence depending on the things that the Scorpio finds themselves wrapped up in suddenly.

It can be a very dangerous thing to mimic toxic or volatile behaviors and can definitely have a lot of dire consequences on you the more you proceed to do them.

A Scorpio can be a very successful person, however, following the right foot steps is key and carving your own path is even better.

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Sagittarius Unhappiness:

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Sagittarius only ever feel like they aren't happy when they do not have something to do routinely or daily.

If you just let everyday life bring to you whatever comes next, you will never really feel fulfilled in anyway because that wasn't exactly a goal that you had for yourself.

A Sagittarius will feel as if they are endlessly drifting from day to day without any purpose which can make them extremely depressed.

Find something that drives you, something that draws your passion from deep within yourself, and continue to make yourself whole as you let it take over your world.

Hopefully this has given you a better perspective of your zodiac sign and what being unhappy really looks like.

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They Read Actual Physical Book

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Harry S. Truman, also known as the 33rd U.S. Presidents, once said, "ot all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers." Reading is the way that these people cut out the noise, and step away from distractions. They devote time where all their focus is on acquiring knowledge.

They're not reading on the iPad where 5 notifications about Karen's new hair color might pop up. Rather, they are investing in themselves by taking the time that develop a variety of skills that ultimately end up making them respected.

They Control Their Reactions

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You'll rarely catch a highly respected person rolling their eyes at someone or gossiping behind someone else's back. Highly respected people treat others the way that they want to be treated.

The trick is in thinking before they speak. They have an ability to calculate the consequences of their actions as to control their reactions before their facial expressions or body language gets the better of them. They have great social skills and are great at resolving conflict before it escalates.

They communicate Assertively

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Highly respected people have very tailored communications skills. They are aware of their tone, presentation, and vocabulary because they've learned that if they communicate too passively or too aggressively, their message will get lost.

Those who are highly respected have a deep understanding of others. They know that people often react to delivery instead of the content so they make sure that the delivery is assertive and doesn't hold strong emotions as to not provoke anyone.

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They Know The Line between Confidence And Arrogance

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You might think that a person can be respected just because they're really good at something but it turns out that competence and respect don't automatically come together.

Rather, competence needs to be shown with confidence while still not crossing the line into arrogance. A person earns the most respect when they're confident in their skills and abilities but don't use them to brag and boost their ego.

They Show Competence With Warmth

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Highly respected people earn their competence with practice, hard work, and growth. Being smart enough or skilled enough and confident enough is also not enough to be highly respected.

Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy found that competence is only the second most important trait for earning respect. The first is actually warmth. When you meet someone new, you intuitively as yourself "can I trust this person?" and "can I respect them?" Trust comes from being warm and kind while respect comes from being competent. To be highly respected you need both.

They Are Always Willing To Change

woman does tree pose on the rocks by water

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Highly respected people are on a journey. They don't get comfortable and then stop putting in an effort. They know that every day they need to use their time wisely and efficiently to get themselves closer to their goals and the kind of person that they want to be.

They're always on the hunt for new challenges and skills and they take the time to reflect on their actions to work on their internal growth.

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