Zodiacs Prepare To Meet With Venus, This Week’s Horoscope Is  Highly Romantic

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The first part of this week looks set to be dominated by a kind and compassionate lunar vibe. Wednesday sees the annual meetup of Venus and Neptune, which is a highly romantic astrological aspect, packed with idealism and fairy-tale magic.

As the week progresses, however, things take a more serious turn. Pluto turns retrograde on Friday, subjecting us all to much inner angst, while on the same day Mercury moves into rational Gemini, with curious, talkative energy that doesn’t like to be weighted down in emotions.

Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus is an important moment, which could bring shocks and surprises around everything we think is stable and secure. This energy can be tumultuous at the time, although the changes it mirrors are almost always for the best in the long run.

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Early in the week, you may feel quite zoned out, Aries – not in a bad way, but just enjoying a feeling of serenity and calm. The meetup between Venus and Neptune on Wednesday however may show up as illusions and confusion in your life, so you will need to be careful to distinguish fact from fantasy.

Mercury’s change of sign on Friday will help with this, as it clears your head and enables you to use intellect and reason to find a way through the fog.

Prepare for some shocks related to money or your values during the Solar Eclipse on Saturday, however. Things you felt were solid and secure turn out not to be so, and this may be difficult energy to deal with.