Zodiacs Prepare To Take A Hit In Emotional Week As We Shift Into A New Moon In Cancer And Retrograde In Pisces

Weekly Horoscopes June 27th – July 1st, 2022

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Water element energies dominate the first part of this week. On Tuesday, the New Moon in Cancer is a fresh start for any difficult family relationship. It brings the chance to improve our all-around interpersonal skills – less crabbiness, more mutual understanding.

The same day, Neptune turns retrograde in spiritual Pisces. This ushers in a period of spiritual reflection – the ideal time to uncover hidden, spiritual talents you never knew you had. However, this same energy makes logical thinking more difficult. It’s a very subtle vibe, but if it hits you, you’ll know it.

There’s a tense end to the week as Mars squares up to Pluto on Friday – watch out for control issues, toxic demands, and some powerful egotistical vibes.

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Looking into your roots will bring you a sense of security and belonging this week, particularly during Tuesday’s New Moon. Get a sense of who your ancestors were and what they went through – if nothing else, this will enhance your gratitude for your current blessings!

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The Digital Artist / Pixabay Via Canva Pro
The Digital Artist / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Pay attention to spiritual experiences mid-week, too; you have a lot of work to do in order to truly connect with your higher self, but your talents are growing in this area.

On Friday, Mars, your ruler, creates a volatile square to control Pluto – for you, this standoff has to do with your career and identity. If your profession demands conformity over individuality, this could be a game-changing moment for you.