Zodiacs Prepare To Take A Hit In Emotional Week As We Shift Into A New Moon In Cancer And Retrograde In Pisces

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Weekly Horoscopes June 27th – July 1st, 2022

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Water element energies dominate the first part of this week. On Tuesday, the New Moon in Cancer is a fresh start for any difficult family relationship. It brings the chance to improve our all-around interpersonal skills – less crabbiness, more mutual understanding.

The same day, Neptune turns retrograde in spiritual Pisces. This ushers in a period of spiritual reflection – the ideal time to uncover hidden, spiritual talents you never knew you had. However, this same energy makes logical thinking more difficult. It’s a very subtle vibe, but if it hits you, you’ll know it.

There’s a tense end to the week as Mars squares up to Pluto on Friday – watch out for control issues, toxic demands, and some powerful egotistical vibes.

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Looking into your roots will bring you a sense of security and belonging this week, particularly during Tuesday’s New Moon. Get a sense of who your ancestors were and what they went through – if nothing else, this will enhance your gratitude for your current blessings!

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The Digital Artist / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Pay attention to spiritual experiences mid-week, too; you have a lot of work to do in order to truly connect with your higher self, but your talents are growing in this area.

On Friday, Mars, your ruler, creates a volatile square to control Pluto – for you, this standoff has to do with your career and identity. If your profession demands conformity over individuality, this could be a game-changing moment for you.


Tuesday’s New Moon brings you a fresh burst of energy and a general all-around sense of busyness. This is an excellent week for charging through your to-do list with verve and enthusiasm. It’s also an ideal time to reach out to your network and to generally connect with people, especially on an intellectual level.

When Neptune turns retrograde, however, be aware that your social links could become a little confusing. Someone may be very insincere, but will you pick up on those subtle signals?

Friday’s clash between Mars and Pluto may hinder your progress towards a particular dream, especially if it involves travel or education. Stay calm and keep your focus. This is just a blip in the road.


Good news for your bank account this week as the New Moon shines from the money zone of your natal birth chart. Take advantage of this upswing in energy to find new ways to save money or new income streams.

At work, don’t take gossip too seriously. Neptune is sowing confusion in this area of your chart, but this subtle undercurrent can be avoided if you resist jumping to conclusions when you don’t have all of the facts.

Tension in a friendship at the end of the week is driven by Mars’ angst-ridden square to Pluto. Be understanding if a friend has to change plans at the last minute. It’s not personal.

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Be your brightest and your best this week, encouraged by the Cancer New Moon on Tuesday. Your intense emotions are an asset just now, and your ability to see other people’s motives will help you make the right choices in any tricky decisions.

However, be careful with travel plans as Neptune’s retrograde motion affects this area of your natal birth chart. Check, double-check, and triple-check the details.

The tension between your working life and your love life takes hold on Friday when Mars and Pluto clash. There could be a lot of heat and anger here but stay calm. You’re doing your best with the highest of motives, and that’s what counts.


Catch your breath this week if you can. The New Moon shines from the most private and secretive area of your natal birth chart, so you’ll find solace and peace of mind in meditation, prayer, long solo walks, or simply chilling out with your own company.

As Neptune turns retrograde, try not to become overly suspicious of those around you, particularly your partner. All is well if you want it to be well; these seeds of doubt are not necessary and will hurt more than they help.

On Friday, the clash between Mars and Pluto makes it challenging to focus on routine issues. You’re being asked to learn the difference between what is urgent versus what is important.


Time to spread your social wings, Virgo! The New Moon activates the friendship zone of your natal birth chart, so don’t hesitate to talk to new people or join a new club. Your tribe awaits!

In your love life, Neptune is turning retrograde. This is a very subtle influence, but it can make it harder to discern truth from fantasy. Give your sweetheart the benefit of the doubt, and be expressive with your affection.

When Mars squares up to Pluto on Friday, avoid taking any unnecessary risks – particularly with either your money or your emotions. This is not the moment for a walk on the wild side. Play it safe, for now, until the dust settles.

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It’s an ambitious week for you, Libra, with the New Moon peeping out from the career zone of your natal birth chart. This is the time to take action – ask for a promotion, attend job interviews, and promote your abilities. Get yourself noticed for all the right reasons.

Neptune’s newly retrograde motion can create confusion and chaos with your daily schedule, so don’t worry if you find yourself forgetting things or running late. Make lots of lists to stay organized!

Anger, suspicion, and bitterness from Friday’s Mars-Pluto clash may temporarily sour relationships between your partner and your blood family. Staying neutral isn’t easy, but your job is to avoid fanning these flames.


Tuesday’s New Moon stirs up your adventurous spirit and urges you to try something different. Travel is a good option, especially to somewhere new, but you can also embody this exciting energy by signing up for a new course or learning a new skill.

A less positive watery influence is Neptune’s retrograde motion, which impacts the risk-taking sector of your natal birth chart. Your judgment is not what it should be at this time, so avoid leaping to conclusions or taking risks based on flawed information. Gambling is an absolute no-no in this period.

Friday’s tension between Mars and Pluto is irritating for you, mainly because other people are bothered by it. Trying to pin people down over the weekend will be difficult, so have some patience.


This week’s New Moon is very empowering, urging you to find new strengths and new personal attributes you’ve overlooked in the past. If you’re dealing with a difficult personal situation, this lunation is determined, action-oriented, and comforting, all at the same time.

Neptune’s newly retrograde motion in the family zone of your natal birth chart encourages reflection – this would be a good week for family counseling or heart-to-heart talks.

When Mars and Pluto clash on Friday, watch out for impulsive financial action. You may feel backed into a corner, but trying to spend your way out of it is not a sensible decision.

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New Moon, new love? This week’s New Moon shines from your love zone, breathing fresh magic into an existing relationship – or, if you’re single, bringing someone interesting into your orbit for the first time. Watch for a meeting with a stranger that feels almost fated.

Neptune slightly confuses the issue by making your typically strong judgment less reliable than usual – the vibes you pick up from others could be misleading. However, this is a minor influence and does not cancel out the New Moon’s positivity.

Tensions with your blood family may be exacerbated by the Mars-Pluto clash on Friday, however, which could reignite old wounds, old grudges, or long-buried trauma. Look to your partner for staunch support; you are not alone.


Tuesday’s New Moon blesses you with increased wellness – a holistic coming together of your mental, spiritual and physical health. To keep this fantastic sense of healthiness going, make yourself a promise: that you will prioritize your mental health from now on.

When Neptune turns retrograde, you may find your personal values start to shift and change; perhaps you change your mind over a controversial issue where you’ve previously held unyielding opinions. That’s fine. It’s all part of your spiritual growth.

Be aware, however, that your newfound views won’t meet with universal approval. During Friday’s Mars-Pluto clash, you may find yourself on the wrong side of public opinion in a very personal and quite unsettling way.


The watery New Moon unleashes your creative instincts – this is a fantastic week for art, crafts, self-expression, dance, music, and joy! Given your spiritual role as a way-shower, you might want to use this energy to express your spiritual growth progress and to help inspire others.

Your ruler Neptune turns retrograde this week, however, which ushers in a lengthy period of self-consciousness regarding your ethereal gifts. Your challenge is to accept that you are ‘different’ – and indeed, to embrace it.

A friendship may struggle over the weekend, however, inflamed by the brutal Mars-Pluto clash on Friday. There could be particular issues with money, especially if one of you is significantly financially better off than the other. More mutual understanding is needed.

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