Here's What Happens When You Massage THIS Point On Your Leg

According to Chinese medicine, the body is an energy system, and the flow of that energy determines how well your body's organs and tissues function.

Acupressure, which is the application of pressure on certain points, was founded by a Japanese man named Zu San Li thousands of years ago.

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are 365 points that need to be massaged on the body which emanate from 12 meridians, or major points of energy flow.

Activating these points can slow down aging and may even impact how the body fights off disease. What's so special about this spot on your shin?

San Li called it the "point of longevity." It's said to be a major controller of how energy flows to your digestive system, kidneys, adrenal glands, and sexual organs.

It has major implications on your immune system, which when in working order, helps fight off disease and slow aging.

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