6 Thoughtful Gestures That Don’t Get The Appreciation They Deserve

You don't need to be going above and beyond to make the world a better place. Sometimes change starts on a micro level before its butterfly effect can take over and start to affect one person to another. Showing someone you care with small acts of kindness can go a long way.

This is a reminder that no matter how you feel that day, even simply holding the elevator door open for the person down the hall, might make a difference in both your lives.

Paying Attention To Someone Who Got Cut Off

four women have a picnic in a field

"Asking someone to finish their story if they get cut off in a group. Nothing feels worse than feeling like nobody cares what you have to say, and nothing feels better than someone sticking up for you." - plant10000

We all long to be heard. No one wants to feel outcasted by having what they have to say deemed not important enough to be heard.

Taking Note of The Details

two men sit in a park talking and laughing

Nicolas Swatz / Pexels

"Remembering little things. The other day I was talking to a friend and told him I just found out my sister is pregnant and he said 'oh, the one who's married to Brad?'. It was just nice that he makes a point to remember details that don't necessarily mean anything to him." - 01kaj10

We tend to be so caught up in our own lives that we give the bare minimum to the ones of others. Yet what's the point of doing so much when we can't share it and celebrate it with our loved ones?

Waiting For Someone To Get Through The Door

woman holding "welcome we are open" by blue door

Ketut Subiyanto / Unsplahs

"If you are driving someone home. At night, wait for them to get to the door, unlock and enter before you leave." - 2cats2hats

We're usually in such a rush to get from one place to another that we never actually take the time to appreciate the one we're already at. The same thing happens to the people that we're with. Waiting for someone to make it all the way to the other side of the door shows how much we care about their safety over our own time.

Smiling At a Stranger

woman smiling with her teeth in a close up

Lesley Juarez / Unsplash

"When you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger and both of y'all smile at each other." - TrashFireTM

Smiling at a stranger can sometimes feel even more powerful than a smile from someone we love. It connects us to someone we don't even know and reminds us that we're all united in this universe, even if we're on a path that might never cross us back with that stranger again.

Taking A Candid Picture

man taking a picture in a yellow coat

Izzy Gerosa / Unsplash

"Take candid pictures of a mother with her children. Or frankly ANYONE with their children..or grandchildren..or friends.. doing something other than posing in front of a fireplace at Christmas. You really have no idea how much I treasure the rare glimpses of me interacting with my kids when smiles aren't forced. Take them, send them, they want them. You don't have to ask..just.. do it." - jillaaa

Social media is filled with posed pictures to paint the perfect image of our lives. It's the candid, unposed pictures that reflect our genuine happiness.

Visiting Someone Who Needs It

"Visiting someone with Alzheimer's. You will leave with a broken heart and in 20 minutes they won't remember that you were there. But during your visit, they will hopefully feel loved or at least know someone cares." - RussO1313

We tend to visit our parents, the elderly, or the sick less because we don't see the point, can't do "normal" activities with them, or feel too sadened by their state. However, those are the people who need to be shown that their lives are still worth the most.


Is Your Soul Lost? Yes It's Possible, And Here's How

There is a wise saying that states: "The only good soul is a lost soul, and only a lost soul can find its way home." While losing our soul might feel like hitting rock bottom, sometimes that's how deep we need to fall to swim back to shore.

There's no reason to deny it or feel ashamed about it. Rather, we should look at it as a calling to go soul searching because the closer we align our soul with our purpose the closer we will be to our highest self. Here are the indicators of soul loss.

You've Recently Experienced Trauma

woman holds her hands up to her chest

Fa Barboza / Unsplash

Remember that trauma doesn't have to be a catastrophic event. Trauma is any overwhelming event such as a big move or breakup that is hard to deal with. Often when the soul doesn't know how to cope with such a big life change, it prefers to completely disassociate with it.

The soul tries to protect the body by detaching as if avoiding the issue will make it go away. When faced a need to fight or flight, it simply drives the body in a state of flight response

You're Burning Out

man rubs his eyes in tiredness

Doğukan Şahin / Unsplash

​We are conditioned to want to do it all. We try to squeeze in everything from a workout, to a full-time job, and picking the kids up from school to make them dinner all in one day. It's doable for a certain period of time until it just feels exhausting. No matter how skilled we are at time management or motivated to get the entire list checked off each day, the physical body and the mind are bound to burn out at some point.

Look for signs of low energy. When the reserves of your soul are low, it can stray you away from your purpose. Your frequencies are overshadowed by your fatigue.

You Can't Figure Out Why You're Sad

man sits on bridge ledge looking sad

whoislimos / Unsplash

A telltale sign of a lost soul is unexplainable sadness. This basically feels like depression and makes it hard to even get out of bed in the morning. Yet, you can't figure the exact roots of the sadness.

Usually, it's because the sadness isn't linked directly to just one emotion. Rather it's accumulations of situations and experiences that have led the mind to conclude that there's no sense in trying. The soul could also be overwhelmed by the confusion of not knowing what path to take next in fear of facing those same negative experiences.,

You're Just Going With The Motions

man walking long road path

Tegan Mierle / Unsplash

Those experiencing soul loss find it difficult to be present in everyday life. What's the point when today looks exactly the same as yesterday and they'll have to do it all over again tomorrow? When there's nothing to look forward to or no way to get out of the responsibilities that tomorrow brings, it can be hard to enjoy life.

A soul is lost when we feel trapped. It signals to us that it might be time to find our true purpose, so that waking up every day has a better meaning.

Blocking Out Memories

hand looking through black and white photo album book

Laura Fuhrman / Unsplash

​It's possible for a memory to be so powerful or painful that our mind completely erases it from our subconscious brain. For example, when we lose someone we loved, we might block out even the beautiful memories we once shared in an effort to protect ourselves from feeling the grief of the loss of their presences.

However memories are what give experience to the soul. The makings of our accumulated memories form our identity and give us direction.

You Feel A Pull To Finding Your Purpose

man sits on cliff by starry blue sky

Cristofer Maximilian / Unsplash

A lost soul doesn't just give up. It pushes you to question your current environment and make you wonder why it's not enough. Once it does that enough time, it becomes hard to resist exploring what else could be out there. This is why people suddenly move, quit their jobs or leave their partners.

Sometimes you need to let go of what no longer serves you so that your soul can find happiness in its purpose.

You Don't Feel In Control

You sometimes feel that you're not in control of yourself. You don't know how you got here or how you'll break patterns. You feel like you've just been doing what you're supposed to be doing: go to school, get a job, get married, whatever was taught to you. Yet even when you tried to it, you felt like you had no control over the outcome.

Your soul is trying to tell you that to retrieve it, you need to take control of yourself. You might have none over the world around you, but your soul allows you to take control over what you do about it.


Having Intense Dreams? Here's Why You Should Be Taking Notes

Yes we mean literally. If you're having intense dreams that it might be time to start a dream journal. This might be a life changing practice that will connect your mind and body both in your awake and slumber stages. While we can tell you what your dreams mean (and we will), first we want to enlighten you on the benefits of keep track of these dreams.

Here are three life changing reasons why you should keep a dream journal by your bed and pay attention to what your subconscious is trying to tell you

Improving Your Awake Self Physically

woman writing in journal in bed

Ava Sol / Unsplash

We tend to forget our dreams right when we wake up and go about our hustle and bustle for the day. However, taking a moment to reflect quietly can be restorative for the mind. It will allow you to bring back to the forefront the unprocessed issues that the body tends to repress to give you the energy to go about your day.

The closer we unite the bond between our mind ad behavior, the more we'll improve our sleep cycle and general health. They do say that dreams are windows to the soul.

Revealing Patterns Of The Mind

jar with "dreams" tag and christmas lights in it

Pixabay / Pexels

Dream journaling can reveal the patterns of recurring dreams over time. Soon you'll start to notice important details, the presence of certain beings, even noting ones you don't recognize.

The more familiar you become consciously of these details in your waking, the more awareness and power you will have during your dream, even if you're asleep. Plus, repeated imagery and symbols can be very revealing of your thought patterns, fears, desires, and hidden baggage.

A Chance For Astral Projection

man jumping over cliff

Walter Fenton / Unsplash

When you take the time to write down your subconscious thoughts, you make them conscious. You train your mind to be aware of what is important to you. This makes it easier for even your subconscious brain to know when it's dreaming. This level of consciousness within unconsciousness is what allows a lucid state of dreams.

This is when you are aware of the fact that you're dreaming and can take control of it. Once you master that, you can take it into the next step with astral projection techniques.

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Four Fake Gestures That Are Actually An Excuse To Be Toxic

Manipulators are everywhere. Maybe they do it on purpose or maybe their bad habits and expectations have just given them toxic traits, but in all cases, they're not good for you.

Be careful of those who do seemingly nice gestures only to then use them against you. If you're wondering how to tell the difference so you're not just distrusting everyone, look out for these four fake gestures in particualr.

Giving Gifts

hand holding wrapped gift

Pablo Heimplatz / Unsplash

Be careful of those who try to give you gifts for no reason. While their generosity and thoughtfulness can be appreciated, toxic people will make sure to remind you at every irrelevant chance of what they did for you.

All of a sudden the gift will feel cursed, and they'll make you feel like you're indebted to them even though you never even asked for a gift in the first place.

The Ben Franklin Favor Effect

two  people hands holding in the dessert

Gardie Design / Unsplash

This technique is used by the most skilled manipulators, even though it was originally meant to be positive. It's based on an old saying by Ben Franklin: "he who has once done you a favor will be more willing to do you another than he whom you yourself have obliged."

Basically, it means that when someone asks you for a favor, you feel special because they chose you as the person they trusted and needed for their skills, or so they make it seem. While one favor is fine, stay away from those who conveniently are nicest and most attentive when they need something.

Breadcrumbing Their Attention

woman eating a sandwich

Gardie Design & Social Media Marketing / Unsplash

It might feel nice when someone expresses a lot of interest in you at once. But this makes it hurt much more when they suddenly vanish when you try to meet up om person. This is known as breadcrumbing.

It's basically when a person comes off as charming and attentive but they're only telling what you want to hear. They're giving you just enough signals to keep your interest. In fact, every time you pull away they come back strong but they never have any intention of committing.

Trusting You With A Secret

woman whispers in man's ear

Mathilde Langevin / Unsplash

When a charmer wants to make you feel special they'll pretend to trust you so much that they're letting you on a secret they only feel comfortable with you. This is a way to make it seem like you're bonded deeper than you actually are.

It's just a way to keep you around so that when they withdraw you start to feel empty and wonder if you did something wrong. It makes it easier for them to get you to do whatever it is that they want so you gain back their attention.


People Who Remind Us That There Is Still Good In The World, So Keep The Faith

The world isn't always sunshine and rainbows. It only takes five minutes of watching the news to feel our hearts ache for all of those experiencing unfairness, and hardships. That's why it's nice to be reminded of the beauty of the world as well.

Some people have truly inspiring stories that show that with intention, hard work, dedication, and hope, maybe manifesting anything and everything really is possible.

Started From The Bottom

first job of cleaning floors to being a psychistrist

ahmedhankir / Twitter

Let this be a reminder to show kindness and respect to everyone. If anything those who have fallen outside of the standards of society are the ones who need someone to take a chance on them the most.

You never know what kind of journey someone is on, so if you can have the power to make any sort of positive impact on it just at the price of a smile, then why not?

There Is A Certain Innocence In Children

woman takes black and white selfie of her face without a hat

Tracey Ryan / Facebook

"A little boy about 3 came up and asked if my head was cold. I said yes, a little bit. He took his beanie off and said that I could have it. I thanked him with tears in my eyes and said back to him that he would get cold. He came back and said I have another one."

This is why it's so important for all of us to maintain a part of our inner child. This is the time were are at our most pure and innocent before experiencing the obstacles of the world that taint that.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

boy in foster care becomes doctor in his own home

AskDoctorNate / Unsplash

Every single one of us deserves not only a roof above our head but somewhere to call home. Home isn't just the place we sleep in. Home is a safe place. Home is where we create memories and fill the space in a way that reflects us.

For a child to miss out on this kind of comfort and safety is heartbreaking, but to see them come out on top years late, is simply inspiring.

It's Never Too Late

DouglasLumsen1 / Twitter

Age brings wisdom. This means that it's never too late to give up on our dreams. If 40 just happens to be the time when we find the right resources and opportunities to pursue our dreams, then at least we're still giving ourselves a shot at them. It takes some of us a lifetime before we find ourselves and discover our purpose.

All that matters is what we're constantly working towards discovering our highest self.

When One Life Ends, Another Begins

\u200bA 5-Week-Old Sleeping Next To His 101-Year-Old Great-Grandfather

GoldenChinchilla / Reddit

​This is a 5-week old baby sleeping beside his 101-year-old grandfather. This is a beautiful visualization of the circle of life. Where one life begins to near its end, another one is just at the beginning. Think of all the knowledge and experience that can be passed on between those lifetimes.

After all, Buddhists believe that human beings are born and reborn an infinite number of times until they achieve Nirvana.

True Love Does Exist

bath with a drink and snacks plate

JephriB / Reddit

"My wife is on her way home right now and probably thinks she's going to have to immediately take over taking care of the kids. This is what I have waiting for her instead. "

The most beautiful thing that we have in this world is each other. We have the power to make each other happy and really make a difference. So if you want to see good in the world, do good.

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