October 20th Marks Full Hunter's Moon in Aries: Here's How That Impacts Rebellion

This week, a rebellious Full Moon in Aries rises on October 20th. This Moon is known as the Hunter's Moon, and is always the first Moon to follow the Harvest Moon.

This energy shift will bring to the forefront certain thoughts of emotions that might make you defensive, causing you to go into either a state of rebellion of self-reflection. Here's how.

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The Power Of "I Am"

blue eye close up

Daniil Kuzelev / Unsplash

This moon is full of confident and charismatic energy and is all about self-empowerment. It is here to remind you not to make yourself small for others and to live honestly and authentically.

Aries energy is all about embodying the power of "I am" by tapping into your childlike playfulness, fearlessness, and spontaneity.

A Push To Conform

man stands above water reflection on street

Randy Jacob / Unsplash

​The fully illuminated Moon is the apex of the lunar cycle when its energies are the strongest. The lessons it brings forth are clear and direct.

If you have been feeling pressure to conform to people's ideas about what kind of person you should be, then allow this Full Moon to guide you back to a place of self-acceptance.

Reverting Back To Childhood

little girl hides her face with her hands on black background

Caleb Woods / Unsplash

You understand the journey that your soul is on; you know the right path. Think back to when you were a small child – long before you felt the pressures from society, friends, or family to act in a certain way.

Access that wonderful child-like curiosity and creativity and use it to live your truth. That is what this Full Moon is really about.

The Sun In Libra Brings Wisdom

woman sits facing the water under the sun with her hair blowing from the wind

Artem Kovalev / Unsplash

The Sun is in Libra enhances the potency of this message by providing mental clarity, balance and wisdom. Explore your thoughts; meditate on what matters to you. Remember, being playful and tapping into your inner-child is often about letting go of insecurities and fears of criticism that have shaped us in our adult years.

Your dreams as a child were not bound or constrained by doubt or social conventions. This fiery Full Moon urges you to come back to that place of innocence.

It's Not About Impulse

man puts his hands on his head as his looks down below the shining sun

Jeremy Perkins / Unsplash

People often think Aries energy is all about ambition and impulsive action, but this lunation is about something far simpler: the joy of finding your inner child and the immense potential contained within that special part of yourself.

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What Is Main character Energy And Why It's All The Hype Right Now

It's hard to keep up with the trend made popular by the younger generation. Usually, they are easy to dismiss but lately gen Z has brought to the forefront an important issue that many of us grew up normalizing. We tend to go through life in a very mundane way, simply going through the motions. Before we know it we get to the end of it and realize we spent a lot of working or overlooking the details that made it beautiful

The main character energy trend is a way to hit pause and appreciate the little things while creating and manifesting the kind of life we desire. Here's how.

You Have To Start Romanticizing Your Life


This audio hits different ✨ #fyp #nature #travelthrowback #bucketlist #onelife #travel #newzealand #viral

Listen to the audio in the video above as the track goes: You have to start romanticizing your life. You have to start thinking about yourself as the main character," over an indie-looking film compilation.

This is just one example of a young woman living as "the main character" of her life. She is one of many other young adults and teenagers that have taken over Tiktok showcasing how to harness main character energy in their everyday lives to not only inspire others but themselves.

Main Character Energy


I don’t know who this girl is but she’s winning #maincharacterenergy #newcastle #dog #helpmefindher #fyp

So what exactly is main character energy? You probably hear the kids throw it around and assume it's a shallow term that means posing for endless selfies to post for likes on social media. But that's not at all what this is supposed to be.

Main character energy is supposed to be symbolic of taking control of your life and putting yourself first. It's supposed to be showcasing how you can focus on yourself to result in abundance. It's meant to show that it is possible to manifest all your wants and desires. All you have to do is be the kind of "main character" you wish you could be because we're all capable of being one.

It's A Message Of Self Love

woman makes heart shape with her hand to the sun

Jackson David / Unsplash

You might be thinking this is a way to endorse a shallow "the world revolves me" around me mentality, but then you would be missing the point. We get so caught up doing everything for everyone else, and keeping up with routine and chores that we forget to take care of ourselves and experience the beauty of the universe.

Yet our lives here are short, and we should be taking the time to dance in the rain, to run through fields of flowers, to sit on the edge of a cliff in solitude, to kiss the person that we love passionately, just like all these popular Tijtok videos feature. This is how we love ourselves. It's not just by doing yoga for 30 minutes while exhausted at the end of the day, it's by taking the tie to romanticize every possible moment.

It's A Way To Give Life Value


main character energy :)

You are worthy. I am worthy. We are all worthy of being the main character. Demonstrating this worthiness isn't a call for attention or a way to gain popularity through likes. It's inspiring and motivating, and if you had main character energy you would know that.

This is a way to shift our perspective in terms of what we value and what we deem as a successful life. Remember that it's not enough to simply be alive if you're not truly living. Do you wonder how these women look so confident? It's because they are happy, and because they're going out of their way to show themselves all the reasons why they should be happy and grateful.

We Narrate Our Lives Everyday Anyway

woman blowing bubbles on the street and surrounded with them

Alex Alaverez / Unsplash

It's true that the persona many people and influencers put up on social media is far from reality and even these videos romanticizing life exclude all the obstacles. But, if you think about it, we're each narrating our own lives every day anyway. From the first thing we do in the morning to what we wear, we're writing another page in our life's chapter.

By capturing some of those moments on tape, we're able to look at them from an objective perspective. We're able to see the bigger picture and realize nothing is that bad. We're able to create positive situations out of negative ones and flip our state of mind. Then by sharing these moments, we're able to connect with others and feel a part of each other's stories"

We're Each The Main Character Of Our Own Story

man taking picture of woman looking up at air balloons

Mesut Kaya / Unsplash

The beauty of this trend is that each being the main character of our own story, each story will be unique. There are no guidelines on how to make the plot interesting. it all depends on asking yourself if you were to watch your own life back like a movie, which parts would make you happy and to create more of them.

It's also about character building. How do you make your character grow? If your life was truly a movie, find a way to make it your favorite movie, with your own version of a happy ending.


We Found The One Thing About Men That Women Can’t Resist

Surprisingly attraction has not changed much over history. Maybe our perception of beauty and how we define it has changed over time but ultimately what we need out of a lifelong partner has pretty much stayed the same.

This means that there is one thing men do that has proven again and again, to be irresistible to women. While all men have the capacity to master it, not all are even aware of its requirement.

Women's Value Used To Be Just Based On Her Physical Beauty

woman looks at the camera with hand on her cheek

Hans Mendoza / Unsplash

​Dating all the way back to the stone age, it is often concluded that what men desired most in a woman was her perceived beauty.

On a primal level in today's age, we can pretty much assume that not much has really changed except that men would also prefer that the woman be both beautiful and intelligent.

In The Past Time, One Man's Trait Was Most Valued

woman hus man in snow

Freestocks / Unsplash

Now for women, what they look for is a little different. What women have historically looked for in a man is his ability to protect and provide. This has stayed true over time.

Research claims that women will settle for this kind of man over one that they find physically attractive. This brings us closer to the one thing about men that women can't resist.

The Myth of The Knight in Shinning Armour

knight in armour

Nik Shuliahin / Unsplash

In a perfect world, women would want a knight who is very strong, very smart, and very rich. Yet since that's not the kind of world that we live in, women will often compromise on one or two out of these three ideals.

Back in the days the kings were the most attractive in the land. If you think about it, it likely had something to do with their incredible wealth, highest-ranking social status. You'd be surprised what kings and men who get even the most beautiful women have in common...

One Main Ingredient To Attract Women

man grabs woman's chin to kiss her

Dainis Graveris / Unsplash

So what's the one secret thing that no girl can resist? The answer might be simpler than you think and if you master it, could act as a shortcut to a relationship with any woman that you desire. In fact, the better you get at it, the less you'll need to rely on money and good looks.

Many of the most successful men in the world are necessarily the best looking, or born winning the genetic lottery

It All Has to Do With How Our Brains Work

man kisses woman on the frehead as she holds him

Jakob Owens / Unsplash

​We can't help it but our brains are wired to make us want to feel connected, especially for women. This means that the best way to attract a woman is not with wealth or good looks, although this can be an advantage.

Rather the one thing that women can't resist is what we call "game," or better referred to as "social intelligence." This would be about how well a man is able to navigate his social environment in the ways that he creates and maintains his relationships.

Game Is A Social Status

man looks down shirtless by the water

Asaf Org / Unsplash

​Similarly as with men, on a primal level, women might always be attracted to how handsome or wealthy a man is. But, ultimately the man that they will chose is the one who has the best "game."

This man "wins" not because he plays with her feelings or with multiple women at once, but because they understand how to "connect" with women who are primarily social beings.

A Skill Any man Could Master

Luckily for all men, according to "FarfromAverage" on Youtube "social game" has the capacity to be mastered by any man, and is actually required for all men to create and maintain deep and meaningful connections with women. The lesson is it doesn't matter how much money you make or how good you look, ultimately what you need is social intelligence.

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94-year-old Woman Finally Tries On Dream Wedding Dress That Was Once Forbidden

There was a time, not that long ago when women of color were not allowed in clothing shops. For one woman in particular this meant that even on her wedding day, she couldn't go shopping for her dream wedding dress.

It wasn't until she was 94 years old, that she was able to rewrite her history.

Wedding Dresses Are A Staple

wedding gowns hung up on rack

Charisse Kenion / Unsplash

How many young girls dream of their wedding dress long before even meeting their husbands? The answer is many. The wedding dress is a staple in the dream wedding fantasy. It's meant to make the bride feel the most beautiful she has ever felt, as she transitions into a new chapter of her life.

It's symbolic of her coming of age, as she leaves her innocent childhood behind and starts her own family. Yet not all women get the opportunity to wear one.

Meet Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker

Martha screaming "I'm getting Married" at bridal store

peeweeherman / Twitter

​This is Martha Mae Ophelia Moon Tucker. When she was a little girl, she dreamed of a fairytale wedding in which she could feel beautiful in a big white dress.

She married back in 1952, except all her wedding dreams were shattered. At the time Black women weren't allowed to shop inside bridal shops.

A Forbidden Act

As a Black woman in Alabama at the time, Martha had to accept the hard truth. Looking back she explains: "I've always wanted a wedding dress but I couldn't have one" Not only was she not able to have it, but it was completely forbidden for her to even try on the dress she had imagined: an embroidered white gown with a lace overlay and long sleeves.

Her grandaughters explained to the Washington Post in an interview: "she wasn't even thinking about buying a wedding dress because she knew she couldn't go in the store."

She Had A Small Ceremony Instead

bride and groom chair on lawn by water

Gabriella Clare / Unsplash

Martha ended up settling for a small wedding ceremony in her pastor's living room. She didn't even have a wedding dress. Even till this day, she had a hard time talking about the memory as she explains: : "I've always have been sad about it because I felt like I should have been able to wear it if I wanted to."

Fast forward to the present day and Martha has raised a whole family who loves her. So, granddaughters decided to take matters into their own hands.

They Surprised Her With A Fitting

Martha holding granddaughter's hand in bridal gown

peeweeherman / Twitter

One day while watching the 1988 film "Coming to America" with her granddaughter, Martha told her "I've always wanted to wear a wedding dress. I've been wanting to do that for a long time, ever since I got married."

So her granddaughter Angela Strozer decided that her grandma deserved to live out her dream, even if it was belated. So she booked a fitting a David's bridal and invited the whole family. They all surprised her with the fitting of her dreams!

"A Dream Differed Is Not A Dream Denied"

"Happily ever after" sign

Ben Rosett / Unsplash

Martha's story is a reminder that dreams have no deadlines. just because they haven't happened yet, doesn't mean they never will. Martha may not have had her dream wedding in 1952 but instead, her path blessed her with a wonderful family who would later honor her dream when the time was right.

Speaking on the experience, her granddaughter said in an interview: "I just wanted to do this for her, I wanted her to understand that a dream deferred didn't have to be a dream denied."

Dreams Really Do Come True At All Ages

Martha smiling in wedding gown and wearing mask

peeweeherman / Twitter

It didn't take long in the appointment before Martha found a dress that matched exactly the description of the one she always had envisioned for herself. She excitedly told her family "That dress has my name on it, my dream had come true,"

As soon as she had it on there wasn't a dry face in the room. Her smile was shining and it touched the heart of everyone sharing the moment with her. It turns out you're never too old to have your dreams come true!

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These Real Dying Wishes Put In Perspective What People Value In Their Final Moments

Nothing like knowing that your end is near to really make you take a step back and re-evaluate what it is that actually matters most in life. Or so you would think. The following anecdotes are real, raw quotations shared by people on Reddit of their loved ones' dying wishes.

Ask yourself first: "if you knew that your life was ending right now, what is the last thing that you hope to see, do, or who is the person you would want to share it with."

It turns out that when it is actually your turn to pass on, the answer might surprise you...

A Case Of Beer

two beers cheers by sunset

Wil Stewart / Unsplash

​"My great uncle found out he had cancer and it was really bad. Near the end, he was sent home to wait for death pretty much. So he decided to bring all his boys back home to drink a case of his favorite beer, under the apple tree he planted as a child at the farmhouse. His ashes are in those bottles under the tree to this day."- MuchDance1996 / Reddit

Happiness is in the little things, and a life well-lived is nothing more but the accumulation of celebrated moments. Why should the last one be any different?

Danish And A Coffee

coffee and donut with a bite eaten o blue ceramic plate

Will Thomas / Unsplash

"My grandfather's last request was for a danish and a cup of coffee" - deleted / Reddit

Some people thrive on routine and don't even know who they are without it. Others simply find it comforting. We can't guarantee we know exactly what happens next after we die. That's why many find it reassuring to have a piece of their everyday life with them on their death beds, and hope that the next life will have a similar element of familiarity.

To Get Married

bride and groom pose for picture with their heads cropped out

Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

"My girlfriend is going to a wedding this weekend. The bride has a terminal illness and her dying wish was to get married." - deleted / Reddit

It can be depressing to think about the groom's life after his wife passes. Yet, a Redditor made a heartwarming observation:

"I know a guy who did this. He was so madly in love with his bride that he wanted to be married for whatever time they could. He's remarried now. I've always wondered what the dynamic is like in a relationship where the husband would still be married to someone else if things had gone the way he wanted." - puskunk / Reddit

To See The World

world map with "field notes", pencil, professional camera, bag and brochures on top

Annie Spratt / Unsplash

"I never got to go to my grandfather's funeral because I was going on a school trip to D.C. while he was sick. I told him I didn't really want to go, but he was insistent that I go. We both knew it was getting near his time, but he knew how much I loved history and that I probably wouldn't get a chance for a long time again. That night, while I was on the bus, he died.

His last words to me were "BGS, go see the world. I never got to leave this country. I want you to see everything. Not for me. For you."- BubbaGumpScrimp / Reddit

Take this as a reminder that on your last days it won't matter how many days you worked or prioritized your chores. You will only regret the days that you missed out on experiences, opportunities and memories.

To Be Released Back Into The Universe

person sits on dock facing the mountains view

​"My grandma is originally from Japan, but she and my grandpa have lived in California since the 1970s. Their dying wish is to mix their cremated remains together and then release them into the pacific ocean. That way some of them could travel back to Japan and some can stay in California." - danaadaugherty

Do you believe in reincarnation? Releasing ashes back in the same nature that created us is often symbolic of this kind of rebirth of our non-physical essence before it takes the shape of a new living physical form.

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