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The 5 Stages Of Love – Sadly, Many Couples Separate At Stage 3

The beginning of a new relationship can feel like a waterfall of excitement, adventure, and passion. Relationships go through five stages, and stage three is when relationships often head toward the offramp.

If your love can persist past stage three, and onto stage four and five, you will emerge with a relationship that is stable, secure, and honest. Knowing these stages are normal and expected can help you to navigate through them.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu.

Stage 1: Everything is New and Exciting

You've met someone new, and the flutter in your chest seems to be running the show!

Your still in the dating stage, and every touch is electric and kisses are passionate and filled with excitement and possibility.

You might find that just getting through the day without him has you reaching for your phone every few minutes to see if he is thinking of you too.

And you count down the minutes until you will see each other again.

You might try on different parts of your personality to figure out how the two of you interact best together, and the entire experience is like a fun game full of twists, turns, flirting, and likely, lots of romance.

Maybe this new person really brings out your sense of humor, and you find yourself laughing more than usual, or they ignite your sense of adventure, and you try things you wouldn't typically try.

You relish the high you feel around them, and don't want it to end.

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Stage 2: Falling Harder and Settling Down

In stage two, you have officially entered 'couplehood.' You have decided this is the person you love and have committed to each other.

Intimacy might still be frequent, but like the rest of life, has become more routine, but more profound and more meaningful. Marriage and children generally happen during this stage.

Routines start to take the place of spontaneity, and you have let down your walls and are comfortable being your truest selves around each other. Adult responsibilities begin to creep back in as you figure out your roles.

Stage 3: Life Takes Hold

Stage three is, sadly, when most relationships fall apart. Though you may still love the person you are with, things are different.

Life has gotten in the way of romance, parenthood and work commitments take center stage, and you start to wonder what happened to the relationship that used to have you buzzing from head to toe.

Maybe it has been ages since a date consisted of anything other than streaming tv shows and eating dessert in bed. Perhaps you feel resentment for chances in life that you feel like you might have missed and now seem like they might not ever happen.

The little annoyances you used to tolerate now feel large and intrusive. You might dream about other things you could be doing with your life, and feel tied down and trapped.

At stage three, you might wonder - did I make the right decision? This is when many couples call it quits.

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Stage 4: A Deeper Understanding

If you make it through stage three, you will start to see each other for who you really are.

You might not be the same people you were during stage two, for a lot has likely happened since then - career changes, children, moves, or other life events.

You no longer expect the world of each other and have gotten better about communicating your needs and wants.

Stage four allows you to acknowledge the unhappiness you felt in stage three, and find methods for moving forward together, flaws and all.

Stage 5: Moving Forward Together

You have acknowledged that neither of you is perfect, and have decided to rediscover what you love about each other.

Often resentment in a marriage is not about the person that you are with, but frustration with yourself for not following through on promises you made to yourself when you were younger about who you wanted to be.

Let your partner in on your desires, and who knows where life might lead you. Perhaps there are passions you both share that you haven't explored fully.

Maybe you make a commitment to travel more or to prioritize playing together. Finding ways to grow individually, while also spending time together, is a beautiful way to rekindle a romance.

New love is the brightest, and long love is the greatest, but revived love is the tenderest thing known on earth. —Thomas Hardy

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Start Seeing What They Show You

10 Toxic Behaviors That You Should Never Allow

There is something to be said for a person's potential for forgiveness and healing.

It's something different though to put up with emotionally limiting factors in a relationship when you don't need to.

These behavior patterns start innocuously, building into toxic relationships quickly.

We take apart some of these behaviors and point out their negativity even in the small scale.

Remember that you are an amazing person! What makes you amazing isn't the ability to tolerate unnecessary nonsense.

1. Disrespectful Language

One of the core foundations of relationships is communication.

The idea is as follows, the better you can relate to and inform your partner, the better mutual decisions you can make as a team.

For no reason should negative language be tolerated: name calling, emotional harassment, put downs or intentionally making you feel uncomfortable.

2. An Overly Controlling Partner

Healthy and productive relationships are two people working together as equals, not one dominating or controlling the other.

The problem is that few relationships start out in this toxic fashion. It important that you retain your independence from the beginning.

As soon as your partner starts to restrict you, make it a point to relay the importance of your independence.

3. Breaches Of Trust

I'm not going to talk about whether you should stay in a relationship with a cheater or generally shady person.

I will point out that a strong and mutual sense of respect are necessary for a lasting, productive relationship.

Without these, the two of you will spend all your time 'putting out fires'.

4. Incessant Neediness

Teamwork means a little give and take, not one sided taking.

The energy that could be spent making you both grow and feel more connected, is now being spent on their neediness and maintaining the relationship's status quo.

5. Persistent Negativity

We chose our significant other because they bring out the best in us, are fun, respectful, and a source of inspiration.

We did not pick them because they are needy, negative, and a constant drain on our emotions.

If this attitude has persisted for more than two weeks, with no sign or attempt at recovery, rethink the basis for your relationship.

6. They Don't Make You A Priority

This shows a dis balance in the relationship.If you are trying to make them an important part of your life, but they don't have the time of day for you, this shows a lack of equality.

If you are willing to make sacrifices for them, but they intentionally spend more time away from you than with you, you deserve better.

7. Emotional Unavailability

It understandable that a person may be emotionally unavailable at the start of a relationship. Those walls will need to stay up as they come to trust and understand you.

After the relationship begins to develop and become more genuine, they need to start making efforts to connect with you.

A person has to be able to love themselves and understand their specific needs before they can really love someone else.

8. Making No Effort To Listen

We've touched on the importance of clear and genuine communication.

Simply if they don't listen to you, they don't respect you, or don't truly care about you. You deserve better, no questions, no excuses.

9. Someone Who Doesn't Support Your Dreams

Your partner needs to have your back 120%. It helps to find someone with a dream you can get behind.

You will need encouragement along the way and if your significant isn't the one giving it to you, the absence is painfully felt.

10. Unwavering Irresponsibility

Circling once more to teamwork, your significant other must be at least as competent and invested as you.

If not there is a high chance that no matter you deep your love, their constant mistakes and irresponsibility will drag you down.

Also if some one is being reckless or childish with an aspect of their life, they don't truly care. If they did they would try harder.

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I My Have Favorite People

5 Easy Ways To Attract The Right People Into Your Life

There is no better, faster way to achieve your goals than having a supportive group of people in your life.

We've all heard stories of the changes people have made in their lives – they've built successful businesses, gotten their dream job, met the love of their lives, lost weight – all as a result of connecting with the right people.

Who we surround ourselves with is totally within our control.

So, what's keeping us all from doing this? Because to meet the right people, you have to change what you're doing now, and change is a scary thing. But, you can do it!

Below are 5 simple things you can do, starting today, that will help you create the supportive environment you need to make your dreams come true.

1. Make a list of who you already know

Odds are that you, or the people close to you, already know people who could change your life.

Go through your existing networks including friends, colleagues, former schoolmates, and friends of friends.

Who's already connected to you in some way that could help you get closer to your goals? Make a list and then start setting up lunches and meetings to reconnect.

2. Remove toxic people from your life

This one is difficult and can be painful, but it's an absolute must. Identify the people in your life who put your ideas down; the ones who never support or encourage you.

Make a list. Recognize how badly the wrong people can hinder your progress toward your goals and spend less time with them.

You'll be amazed at how quickly your self-esteem will grow and you will begin to believe in yourself and your abilities.

3. Build your community

No matter how small your town is, you need to find people to connect with who can help you along your path to success.

Check Facebook, Craigslist, and/or your local newspaper for groups to join or events that are happening that will connect you to other people who share your passions.

Then watch how fast your support group grows.

4. Create new surroundings

If you leave your toxic friends but have no one else to hang out with, you'll more than likely go right back to them. You have to begin to attract the right people into your life.

This can start as simply as seeing one inspiring friend for an hour every week or so.

Take your passions and start to overlay them with the people in business and in life who see the world the same way. Take inspiration from everyone.

5. Share your special talents with others

All of us have talents we can share with others. What are your unique strengths, talents and passions? Are you good at designing logos?

Then offer to help someone with a logo for their new business. Volunteer work is also a great way to meet new people.

Nothing feels better and nothing creates faster, more genuine connections.

Now the choice is yours. You can choose to continue to hang around the people who tell you you're stupid for thinking things could be different.

Or you can choose to surround yourself with people who inspire possibility. Either way, one thing is for sure: the people around you will change your world. Start today!

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I Forgive A Lot, But I Only Trust Once

8 Reasons Why We Should Forgive Even The Unforgivable

I think we've all personally felt the pain and anger that comes with someone wronging us. It can seem to persist forever.

You really think you'll hate someone forever. But there are some truths I've found along my life path about forgiving the unforgivable that I'd like to share with you.

1. It's important to say out loud the ways we've been wronged.

It's easy when you're hurt by someone to go to everyone you know and elaborate on what happened. What isn't easy is to actually say that you've been hurt.

What isn't easy is to look the one who hurt you in the face and say, "You did this, and it hurt me." But when you do, there's something so therapeutic about it.

2. Forgiveness is an important personal journey to take.

And quite the journey it can be. Depending on how close that person is to you, it's one of those things that can really keep you up at night.

It can really feel like you're walking a path. In some ways it's like eating a bowl of soup. Sometimes it's too damn hot to so much put to your lips. So you just have to wait until it's cool enough for you.

3. Sometimes you just can't reconcile.

This is an important one to bear in mind. Forgiveness isn't reconciliation.

I've had people hurt me in the past that could be forgiven but definitely not be let back into my life. So it's important to move on.

4. The hurt you're feeling right now is from this moment in time, not the past.

If someone did something to hurt you two years ago, the hurt you felt two years ago was based on that incident. But the pain you're feeling today is from this moment in time.

It stems from things unsaid, from unresolved conflicts - so it's important to be able to make amends with the past for a more pleasant future.

5. You're able to give up your expectations of others.

Not forgiving someone is, in a way, like an expectation of the person you can't forgive.

It's like you expect them to come crawling back to you one day, groveling, prostrate on the ground, begging for your forgiveness.

But it's not up to someone to seek out your forgiveness. It's up to you to offer it.

6. You find that living your life how you want is revenge in itself.

It's really the best thing you can do. Don't think about your revenge, live your revenge by living a good life. Did you get dumped for being too big?

Well, lose weight (IF YOU WANT), be what your ex partner wanted, and then don't give him or her any of it. Boom, face, jerk.

7. You get to start a new chapter in your story.

Life has always felt like a book to me. There's no definitive moment in time where one chapter ends and another begins, but you can really feel it.

One major end of a chapter for me was when I was able to forgive someone who wronged me. I felt like I was on a fresh page.

I could finally move on and do more awesome things to write down in that book.

8. Hating someone is like drinking a poison.

And expecting them to get sick. Once upon a time, I was cheated on by someone very close to me. In some ways, years later, it still haunts me.

And when I found out, I felt hate. I felt such hate. But in a moment of clear, uninterrupted thinking, I resolved that hating someone is like drinking a poison and expecting them to get a stomach ache.

I promised that I'd forgive, and I did. But I also allowed myself to feel the full range of emotion. Forgiveness came in time, though I do still consider that cheater to be kind of a butthead. See #3.

In the end though, how we feel and how we approach things is different for everyone. This was my journey. Hopefully it can help you with yours.

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I've Never Met A Strong Person With An Easy Past

5 Signs You've Met Someone From A Previous Life

There are certain moments in our lives where we find people whom we have never met before in our lives and yet we have a very strong connection to them as if they were a long lost friend of ours.

This kind of connection exists only with people that you've met in a previous lifetime which makes sense as to why you both get along so well with one another.

There are a lot of strange coincidences in life and who is to say that you have not lived some of these coincidences before?

It is important to recognize when you have found someone that shares the same kind of energy as you do.

The reason why you should continue seeing these people will only put you in shock and awe as to how much more you both have in common.

Keep these five indications in mind that you may have already met this person in different lifetime.

1. You Lose Track Of Time With Them

One of the most obvious indications that mean that you have met this person in a different lifetime is that you lose all conception of time and the days just suddenly become a blur whenever you are with this person.

You have spent so much time with them already that it's almost like you've done this a million times before.

Every single conversation and everything that you both do together just seems to make you both want to escape the world.

It's easy to be around them and it's more than easy to spill your guts to them too.

2. You Know The Other Person Like The Back Of Your Hand

Another pretty major indication that you have already met this person in another lifetime is that you are able to read them like backhand of your hand.

There are subtle movements that you pick up on as well as little gestures that they thought you'd never see.

It's easy for you to tell when this person is not feeling like themselves or simply if they are just in a pretty rotten mood for the day.

There may also be other time where you feel as if they can read your mind or that you know exactly what they want in that exact moment in time.

3. You Both Just Click

One of the biggest indications is when you meet someone and suddenly you just click together automatically as if you were far apart for some reason until just now only then did you feel complete.

This doesn't happen every single time but when it does it's a pretty magical experience. When you are able to just click with someone on everything you say and do just proves that you both have done this many times before in a previous lifetime.

Almost like picking up where you both left off and then beginning again on some other brand new adventure together.

4. Have A Hard Time Bottling Your Emotions Around Them

Another huge indication that you have met this person in a previous lifetime is that you cannot contain any of your emotions for them.

There is simply no other way for you to express yourself other than unleashing every single bit of you upon them. They feel similarly and return the gesture just as much as you do.

There may even come a time where you both start crying for no reason at all but just to enjoy each others company and letting yourselves cry together as if you haven't seen them in a really long time.

It's also hard for you to not express what you are feeling to them otherwise it hurts you deeper than any other kind of pain in that moment in time.

5. An Overwhelming Sense Of "Home"

You could be a million miles away from your actual home but nothing ignites a spark deep within yourself more than looking into their eyes and feeling as if you were already home all along.

This kind of connection is hard to find in just anyone so being able to feel a sensation of belonging just by looking at them is a pretty big indication that you've met this person in a previous lifetime.

This person understands everything about you and wants to do everything in their power to make sure that you are happy.

Hopefully this has given you some clarification on some of your close friends as well as partners.

You should always be on the lookout for the next person you may have already met before in another lifetime. Even if you aren't looking for them they will find you sooner rather than later!

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