5 Ways Children Of Divorce Love Very Differently, But Not Less

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When you learn that the very same love that creates happiness can also be the source of the greatest pain at a young age, it can make it very hard to find a balance within it. Children of divorced parents learned very early on that love isn’t always good and pure, that love can tear their lives apart and that love can be broken. It can distort their idea of love and make it hard for them to love and be loved in the future. But it’s not impossible. Children of divorced parents adapat to love differently, but this doesn’t mean that they love any less. Here’s how.

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Marriage Is Not Their Ultimate Goal

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Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

Children of divorced parents learned the hard way that marriage ultimately leads to just a messier breakup. Marriage bonds fail too but instead of both parties being able to walk peacefully and move on with their lives, they’re legally bound and risk losing everything they own in the process. The piece of paper that once symbolized their eternal love becomes the shackle that keeps many couples trapped in a loveless or toxic marriage because divorce is too expensive, complicated, or uncomfortable.

It seems like marriage is more pressure than it is a celebration. Children of divorced parents are often willing to promise their eternal love and work at it every day forever but don’t feel the need for a legal paper to prove it.