The New Year Resolutions Actually Worth Adopting In 2023 For Growth And Prosperity

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Let’s be honest the past couple of years have been hard for everyone, but with a new year comes a blank slate and new possibilities. When you picture yourself a year from today, do you want to be exactly where you are, or have you grown and prospered? Now is the time to make the changes your future self will thank you for.

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Nurture With Nature

bridge over trees in a forest

Tim Swaan / Unsplash

Tim Swaan / Unsplash

Did you know that most Americans clock in more than 10 hours of screen time every single day? Blame it on work but the negative impact is still the same. Screen time not only disrupts sleep and increases fatigue, but the information behind the screen can in itself be harmful.

On the other hand, nature is healing. Not only does it have psychological effects like being able to clear your mind and feel a part of something bigger but it also has a long list of physiological effects that reduce feelings of stress or anger, improve your mood with boosts of serotonin and improve confidence and self-esteem. Even just a 10-minute nature walk or having plants around can make a difference.