84-Year-Old Refuses Millions, Forcing Shopping Mall To Build Around Her House

You could all Edith Macefield a stubborn woman if you want. In 2006, developers wanted to build a new mall in Seattle, Washington. Even though she was offered a million dollars for her house, she decided not to take the offer. News of her defying the developers spread fast around the Internet. Her home became a symbol of the resistance against endless growth and corporatism. She even inspired the Pixar movie "Up."

In 2008, Edith passed away and left the home to Barry Martin, the construction chief at another building site who befriended her and helped her through her final days of life. The future of the home is unknown, though it's likely to be a memorial to her. The house was gutted and remodeled. Eventually, the house was put up for auction. Soon, it will be sold to the highest bidder.

Image Credit: Inhabitat

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