A Psychological Trick To Instantly Become More Desirable

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As Esther Perel once said in The Secret to Desire in a Long-Term Relationship Ted talk“If there’s a verb that comes with desire, it is to want.” So the question is what makes a person want something? We don’t just wake up waning a certain kind of person. Much of what and who we’re attracted to is built-in years of conditioning and tailored preferences.

But what if understanding that meant that we could also use it to our advantage? Understanding what makes a person want something is how you become more desirable to them. Let us explain how.

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Attraction Is Just Like Drugs

woman grabs man by the neck

Henri Meilhac / Unsplash

Henri Meilhac / Unsplash

The reason why some people become addicted to certain substances is that they release dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is experienced as a rush of euphoria or pure intense peasure. It leads to momentariy arousal and motivation.

Except dopamine effects are short lived leaving the brain wanting more, so it keeps chasing it. They call this the dopamine-seeking reward loop and it’s a lot like being attracted to someone. When you experience attraction, you brain releases dopamine making that person feel like a drug to you. You feel great around them but you chase them trying to replicate the euphoria all the time such as by constantly trying to get their attenion.