Do You Love Babies? Adoption Agencies Are Searching For People To Cuddle With Newborns

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Science and common sense tell us about the importance of positive physical contact in a baby’s development. Adoption agencies are taking this into consideration.

Agencies across the nation are solidifying a more nurturing environment by hiring ‘interim caregivers’. The purpose of this position is to cuddle and nurture the infant children as they wait for adoption.

The trend was started by the adoption agency called Spence-Chapin. The role of the interim caregiver is more than just cuddling a baby for a couple of hours a day (though that would be a great job). Spence-Chapin is looking for volunteer families within a hundred mile radius of New York City.

These families will care for the child for a set period of time, anything from a couple of days to a few weeks. All households are welcome, including LGBT, single people, unmarried couples to empty nest homes.

Not only do the babies benefit from a more personally nurturing environment, but the households get a chance to experience something uniquely special. Whether testing to see if parents are ready, filling the space left by a lost or grown child, each volunteer has as much to receive in this exchange.

Thorough background checks are in order and emergency training are a requirement. Not just anyone is allowed such personal access to these little treasures. This is a brilliant, humanitarian solution to many problems plaguing the adoption world. The positions fill up fast and other adoption agencies are or will be adopting this volunteer role. Reach out to your local agencies and see how you can help. There are also mentorship programs for older kids. Just because you aren’t in a position to dedicate to a child full time, doesn’t mean you can’t help when you can!