Are You A Witch? The Signs Of Natural Magic Abilities

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When we think of a witch, we sometimes make the mistake of picturing a villainized movie version of an old, scary lady with grey hair, green skin and a pointy hat that serves no purpose. People who once claimed to be witches were burned. Basically, witches just have a really bad rep. But, being a witch today is all about natural abilities and doing good.

Today’s witch is just someone who has a natural ability to connect with the world beyond. This can come about in subtle ways like a green thumb with nature or an overpowering sense of empathy. Find out if you have a connection to natural magic abilities.

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A Strong Sense Of Intuition

woman holding string lights in heart shape

Bart Larue / Unspalsh

Bart Larue / Unspalsh

When you make decisions you’re guided by a “feeling” rather than a rational thought pattern and it always ends up being for the best. Sometimes your gut feeling is so strong in steering you into a direction that you’re unsure of, and you don’t find out why till after the fact. Your intuition has never led you astray.

It has helped you, as well as those around you take risks and avoid harmful situations. The magic around you speaks to your gut directly and keeps you aligned on your path, for your sake and that of others.