Are You Listening To Fear Instead Of Intuition? These Are The Risks

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The difference between fear and intuition is that one holds you back while the other one pushes you forward. Fear plays tricks on your mind and makes you resort to a fight or flight responses that could lead you to desperate situations and missed opportunities.

But, intuition doesn’t always make sense. It’s difficult to follow something that’s not tangible, to act on a feeling rather than take the time to make sure it would actually serve you. Still, sometimes it’s worth the risk. Here’s how to tell which of the two is leading your life.

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You Make Decisions Based On Past Mistakes

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Isabela Drasovean / Unsplash

Isabela Drasovean / Unsplash

While it takes great wisdom to let the lessons from the mistakes of the past guide the better choices of the future, there is a difference between acting from experience and letting the past hold you back. When you make decisions based on the risk of repeating the same consequences, you risk holding yourself back from finding out if the lessons you learned are enough to lead to a different result.

You can make the same choice and receive different results based on how you make it. Let’s say you moved once and it ended up being the wrong decision at the time, it doesn’t mean that moving again will also be a bad experience when the life you are meant for could be waiting for you if you just took the risk again. The same thing happens every time you fall in love again.

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