The Most Ambitious Zodiac Signs That Put In The Work Even On Bad Days

We all have bad days, the oly difference is in how we chose to deal with them. For some signs, bad days are just motivation to turn them into good ones. Even the worst of days are taken as lessons to avoid other ones. Some signs are more sensitive to the bad days and need time to process them before working hard again and that's okay too.

While there's no right or wrong way to feel, here is the inspiring way that some zodiac signs continue to be ambitious through thick and thin.

5. Taurus

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‚ÄčTaurus can get a bad rep and be perceived as lazy but really they're just really patient. To the outsider it might look like they're not working hard but in reality, they understand that Rome wasn't built in a day. Rather than work tirelessly from the get-go and be exhausted by the end, they work gradually, keeping their ambition alive all the way through to the end.

Taurus tend to surround themselves with others who crave the same kind of lifestyle, which gives them a supportive network of friends who fuel their motivation. Their eye is on the prize and they can see the big picture.

4. Aries

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Aries just wanna be the best at everything they do which makes them devote their heart and soul to their every move. Their motivation is in their passion. Since their sign is in the first house of the self, they are always motivated to find their place and solid their identity.

The confidence that brings them gives them the energy to stay motivated even when everyone seems to be against them.

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3. Virgos

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Virgo is known to be a perfectionist by nature and that alone can help them stay motivated. Their standards are high enough that they don't give up easily.

They know that bad day aren't signs of imperfections but are what teaches them how to perfect the next day. This is also thanks to their analytical tendencies which they often use to self-reflect on the bad days and figure out how to fix them.


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Capricorns are the kind of people who love to make lists about lists. They tend to b extremely organized and scheduled which helps them stay dedicated to their plan.

Capricorns are also dreamers who aren't afraid to set big goals and chase them. They don't let failure hold them back from dreaming or achieving. Their motivation is guided by their sense of hope and purpose.

1. Leos

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Leos hunger for power and goals. Just like a lion chasing their prey, their motivation may lead them to be the most ambitious of all the signs. They're not afraid to stand out and in fact, they actually love to be at the top of the hierarchy. Yet, Leos are still protective and loyal, meaning that they hold traits of the best of both worlds.

Their qualities give them the confidence, drive, and support to continue to charm their way to success.

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November Brings New Energy, Here's Why It Will Require A Lot Of Patience

Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

Are You Ready For Another Month? November brings its own kind of energy as we near the end of the year. November begins with a struggle to get innovative ideas off the ground.

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A Time For Innovation

Neptune planet in purple

NASA/ Unsplash

The Mercury-Jupiter trine on the 1st encourages innovation for sure, but the following day Mercury's square to Pluto reveals obstacles and opposition. Even the New Moon in purposeful Scorpio on November 4th opposes Uranus, so patience will be key.

On November 5th, Venus moves into ambitious Capricorn and at the same time, Mercury shifts into determined Scorpio, so it's at this point that progressive plans may start to take off.

Frustration Shouldn't Be Used To Push

angry man puts hands up to his hair

Ryan Snaadt / Unsplash

When Mars squares Saturn on November 10th, frustrations and anger grow, particularly around social issues and humanitarian ideals.

This tense atmosphere is calmed somewhat by the beautifully idealistic Sun-Neptune trine on the 12th, but the Sun-Jupiter square on the 15th again reminds us not to push too far, too fast.

Stability Will Be Shaken Up

tower of rocks on rocks

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Mars opposes Uranus on the 17th, in another show of the status quo pushing back against new ideas. A couple of days later, a potent Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, that most stable of signs, heralds a shakeup that could have many unfolding consequences.

Venus trines Uranus on that day too, so there are hints that eventually, progressive ideals will make progress.

Peace Will Eventually Follow

woman lays on bed of flowers in the grass

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The final stages of November are much more idealistic in tone and nature.

The Sun and Mercury both shift into justice-driven Sagittarius on the 21st and 24th respectively, and the powerful trine between Mars and spiritual Neptune on November 29th encourages action that is compassionate, heart-driven and soulful.

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This Is The Zodiac Sign That Needs The Most Sleep, And There's A Good Reason

Who gets enough sleep anymore? There just seems to be one too many things to fit in a day that we either go to bed late or wake up early. Even on the days that we force ourselves to get under the blankets at a healthy bedtime, the stress of the next day keeps us awake much longer than desired.

So "how much sleep can we get away with and still function?" should be the better question we ask ourselves. It all might have something to do with our zodiac sign. This is how much sleep each Zodiac actually needs.

Aries Needs The Least

woman doing yoga pose on bed

Mathilde Lagevin / Unspalsh

Aries just has too much to do in the day that sleep gets the least priority. Yet because of their naturally high energy, they can actually survive on as little as four hours of sleep. Even the bare minimum is enough to get by and frankly, any more sleep often feels like a waste of precious time to Aries.

They prioritize achieving their goals and making sure they're ahead of the race. If you're an Aries, just be careful not to get completely sleep-deprived and run out of fuel eventually.

Gemini Goes From No Sleep To All The Sleep

two kids having pillow fight on bed

Allen Taylor/ Unsplash

Gemini is the sign of the twins, which is almost like living with two different personalities in one Gemini body. One side is high energy, has 100 ideas running through their mind at once, and can't help its curiosity and sense of adventure. This side just can't say no to a good party even if it means sacrificing a few hours of sleep.

Then there is the other side that eventually catches up, brings some logic, and requires at least 8 hours of sleep and three naps in between. There's really no telling which way it'll go upon waking up that day.

Virgo Needs A Healthy Balance

woman typing on apple laptop in the dark in bed

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Virgo is known to be the hardest working sign of the zodiac. To hold up to their standard, and activate their rational and practical brain, they need to make sure they're rested. That means that they will do everything they can to make sure that they get all of their work done and do it well.

If that means working longer hours one day and catching up on sleep the next day, they will find a way to balance it out. Virgo needs to make sure they schedule some downtime and value relaxation.

Leo Thrives On Naps

woman napping on chair with her arm hanging

Zohre Nemati / Unsplash

You can count on this Fire sign, to be the life of the party. They are naturally high-energy, even if it's at the cost of their sleep time. Leos finds energy in being the center of attention, which means that they love to charge up the energy of those around them so that they can up theirs too.

Instead of one long period of sleep, Leos will recharge on the occasional nap. They don't mind fitting in a two-hour nap here and a 20-minute nap there. As they are represented by the lion, these power naps can help them feel connected to their inner ruler of the jungle.

Cancer Requires The Most Sleep

man and dog cuddling and sleeping in bed

Juan Garcia / Unsplash

It turns out a Cancer can actually never get enough sleep, making them the sign that needs the most sleep on this list. Cancers tend to carry not only their energy and baggage but everyone else's too and that can feel exhausting. Plus, falling asleep can be harder for them as they need to feel nurtured and at home in their bed. They say that a Cancer can't sleep without a blanket on even when it's warm because it feels comforting and soothing.

They love to cuddle in their sleep or be tucked in to feel connected to their bed. They get their energy from happy homes and they need this shut-eye time to be able to function without letting their emotions overwhelm them.