The Strength Each Zodiac Finds When Grieving A Loss

Grief happens in different stages and there's not necessarily a right or wrong way to deal with it. Some people can't face it right away and keep themselves distracted while others spend the first couple of weeks crying in bed thinking that they'll never feel better.

Grief isn't only felt death. They say that a break up activates the same pain receptors and stress hormones experienced when a loved one dies, so grief is really about any kind of loss for someone or even something like a job that was valued. It can have lasting effects that become traumatic when coping is not eventually dealt with in a healthy way. Luckily, each zodiac sign has character traits that give them a unique strength when dealing with grief. What's yours?

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Aries: Their Straighforwadness

woman laying in bed with her hands over her face in sadness

Yuris Alhumaydy / Unsplash

Aries doesn't care to sugarcoat and avoid the hard truth. They prefer to act in the heat in the moment and cut right down to the chase. You know that when Aries go for a night out, they won't be shy away from their dancing their heart out. They take that same explosive energy wherever they go. When they're grieving, that's all they feel and they let themselves face it head-on until they can come to terms with it.

They may feel a lot of anger at first or a lot of sadness, and they may not deal with that component calmly but having the strength to be straightforward about their grief is what helps them let the feelings pass and move on.

Taurus: An Ability To Escape

woman holding yellow flower in her mouth looking sad

Engin Akyrt / Unsplash

A Taurus likely won't grief right away and try to keep their chin up. They might even try to console others first because the distraction helps them escape. When they're not helping others, they're going to want to disappear for a while, taking themselves on solo dates and watching movie marathons. They'll basically do anything to distract themselves and escape the pain.

However, their ability to escape is also their strength. It gives them a reason to keep going and eases them into adapting to a life without the person they lost gradually.

Gemini: Seeing The Good

Women holding up bouquet of yellow and red tulips

Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

Gemini will do their best to resist their grief. They would rather stay positive to cope. However, the more they avoid what's really on their mind, the more likely they are to be moody. However, when they chose to accept grief, they manage to always find a silver lining.

Their strength is in choosing to celebrate a person's life instead of mourning their death. To them, the end is not a loss because if they never had it in the first place they would have missed out on a lot.

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Cancer: Emotional Intuition

woman holding her knees in while sitting in a chair by the window

Anthony Tran / Unsplash

​Cancers have the ability to be completely in tune with their emotions. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and it's no different when they're grieving. They are not afraid to let themselves cry it out from the second it happens even if they're not sure if they could ever stop.

Cancers' intense emotion is their strength. They're able to manifest them into whatever channel they desire which means that when they get through the painful part, they'll go through the healing with the same intensity.

Leo: Coping Internally

woman looking out window blinds

Joshua Rawson-Harris / Unsplash

Leo doesn't feel the need to have a pity party and crying circles. Odds are they won't show their pain publicly but that doesn't mean that they're not dealing with it.

Leo's strength is in coping in the way that feels best to them in the moment, privately. They're not looking to repeat what works for others, they want to find what works for them. They spend a lot of time analyzing exactly what is making them sad and lean deeply into their emotions.

Virgo: Order And Logic

Leaning against brick wall in though

Jake Young / Unsplash

Virgo can't come easily in terms of loss and death because they can't completely make sense of it. Their need for logic and order and can make them feel completely out of control when grieving. However, it is that same need for control that makes their strength.

Once they get through the initial shock, they ground themselves by creating their how-to guide for coping. They make step by steps lists of how to heal and keep busy with to-do lists meant to help them grieve in orderly ways.

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Libra: Rationality

woman sitting on bleachers stairs

Anothony Tran / Unsplash

When Libra deals with grief, it can become more rational than usual. Libra is able to accept loss and death as unavoidable parts of life so it sees no point in fighting it. Instead, it spends its energy on adapting to a new life without what it is that it lost.

While sometimes Libra takes extreme measures by completely erasing parts of their lives that held the memory of what they lost, their strength is becoming a self-containing equalizer of emotions. Eventually, they even out their grief too.

Scorpio: Manipulation Through Empathy

man and woman hug by blue sky

Priscilla Du Preez/ Unsplash

​When we hear the word "manipulation" we tend to think of its negative connotation. But manipulation by definition is an ability to purposely mold. For Scorpios, manipulation isn't just getting what they want out of others. When grieving, they're able to manipulate their sadness with intention.

This comes in different forms. For instance, by spending time with animals, children, or loved ones, they're able to manipulate feelings of protection and love that heal both themselves and those around them.

Sagittarius: The Hunt For Happiness

woman blowing away petals off flower

Nina Koepfer / Unsplash

​Saggitarius is driven by a genuine desire to find happiness. When they're first grieving they may feel lost and helpless as they no longer see a path to happiness.

Yet eventually their ambition kicks in and fuels them with the desire to fight their pain. They don't avoid their emotions and instead try to find ways to turn the negative ones into positive ones and be as happy as possible until they can become fully happy again.

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Capricorn: Maturity

man reading in the park by water on a bencj

Ben White / Unsplash

Capricorn tries to be mature about the way they handle grief, and finds it unhelpful to spend days in bed or to get angry. As an earth sign they feel connected to a higher being and can see the bigger picture.

They understand that loss will hurt for a while but that with time they will get past it, so they do their best to go through the motions until then, each day becoming easier than the last, until they're fully themselves again.

Aquarius: Living Back Memories

hands going through old photo album

Laura Fuhrman / Unsplash

Capricorns don't need external validation and motivation because they find it within themselves. They know the difference between what they can and can't control. They know they can't control a loss but they know that no one can take away the memories they created before they no longer could. So they chose to focus on what they can do.

They keep memories alive through pictures. They reconnect with people from their childhood or they pick up passions they left behind. This way, they connect back with themselves instead of caving to the loss.

Pisces: Just Keeps Swimming

man swimming stroke in ocean water

Todd Quackenbush / Unsplash

Pisces just need to be reminded that no matter what happens and how bad it is, the world keeps going and so they need to be able to keep up with it. Usually, they can get to this stage before falling down a spiral. Instead, they chose to lose themselves in ways that feel beautiful to them.

They chose to keep swimming. They indulge in self-care methods like watching movies or spending quality time with others. Their strength is in jump-starting their healing process and their motivation to keep moving forward.

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December 4 New Moon Asks: "What Does Your Story Look Like In 2022?" Here's How To Find Out

New Moon in Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is set to take place on December 4, 2021. Being the last new moon of the year, it could be the most important.

This is the time where we need to celebrate how far we've come and focus on what we want to change. Let the power of the new moon guide your goals, and intention for the new year. Here's what to expect.

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What Are New Moons Anyway?

moon cycle in starry sky

Farzad Mohsenva / Unsplash

This week, a very powerful and symbolic astrological event is taking place on December 4th, a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. New Moons are all about setting our new goals, planting the seeds of desires, and welcoming a blank slate.

The eclipse infuses this with energies around release, transformation and provocative change. The message it carries is one of acceptance and release: embrace what you are actively letting go of.

The Moon's Light Connects You To Your Future Self

woman holds broken lass with reflection of her eye

Farzad Mohsenva / Unsplash

This moon asks you to consider what sort of beliefs or routines aren’t serving you anymore; for you to look at the big picture. You may have placed rules on yourself during these challenging times: how you need to act, who you need to support or spend time with and this moon is asking that you reconsider these self-imposed rules.

Open yourself up to possibilities and ideas for the future. Sagittarius has to do with philosophy, big visions and storytelling. Under the light of this moon you can connect with your grandest dreams and ideas. What does your story look like in 2022?

Creativity Is The Tool For The Next Step

painted face around eyes

Daniel Apodaca / Unsplash

Given the intense fire influence around this New Moon Solar Eclipse, there is much creativity for you to tap into.

This energy urges you to move forward, take action, speak loudly and do what you want to be spending your time on.

Embrace Change By Acknowledging The Present

woman in front of mirror's reflection

Lucas Souza / Unsplash

This has been a big year, and many of us have lost a version of ourselves; changed in ways we may not even be aware of. This New Moon and Eclipse asks us to honor and acknowledge who we are now and what is next, and even scary. Embrace the vulnerability around those changes and let this Moon share the Sagittarian courage.

You are choosing to walk down a new path. Under this Eclipse you have an opportunity to redefine yourself and release the rules that tell you that you cannot explore whatever interests and visions you have for yourself.

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These Signs Are Most Likely To Get Back With An Ex, So Go Ahead, Blame It On The Stars

Usually, when it comes to a breakup most people have two extremes. There are those who hold a grudge and want nothing to do with their ex then there are those who can't help but still think about their ex nonstop whether it's to get revenge or get back together. Few and far in between are those who make peace with the end of the relationship and move on. So which one are you? A lot of how you deal with your break has to do with your zodiac trait tendencies, so let's find out, from most likely to least!

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Cancer: The One Who Can't Let Go

woman looking sad sitting in bed with her elbow on her knees

Darina Belonogova / Pexels

Are we really surprised that this water sign is first on the list? If Cancer's best and worse quality could be summed up in one word it would be "loyalty". They are loyal to a fault. That means that when they finally let someone in they hold on tightly, and often that means that they don't know how to let go.

Cancers also see the best in people, even when they're wronged, their empathetic nature justifies their ex's actions. Sometimes Cancer has to learn the hard way and get hurt too many times before giving up on their person.

Pisces: The Sentimental One

woman sitting in front of wall of poloraids

Hamann La / Pexels

Pisces easily get carried away in nostalgia and memories. This means that once enough time passes by all the memories left of their exes are the good ones, and they choose to get back together, hoping only those good memories will be recreated.

Pisces make the mistake of giving chance after chance, desperately hoping to go back to a time in the relationship where everything was good. They hold on to potential and it keeps them hopeful when they get back together with an ex.

Libras: No Love Wasted

woman hugs man and smiles big

Shvetz Anna / Pexels

When Libra loses a person they loved, they feel like they've also lost their equilibrium and they feel the need to get the balance back. This is a feeling Libras experience in all of their relationship from business ventures to romantic partners. They feel like once they've given someone a level of love, letting it go entirely is a waste.

Libras are often the ones that want to stay friends with exes rather than add them to a black list. Sometimes, this opens the door to transition those friendships back to romances. Libras are willing to give exes that second chance, the only difference is that they also need to first see a change.

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Virgos: Creatures Of Habit

man looking in lit mirror

Lucas Pezeta / Pexels

Are you surprised by this one? You might wonder: "why would the sign that is most reliant on logic, go against their own better judgment and get back together with an ex?" Well, the answer is simple, Virgos are also creatures of habit. They like to feel comfortable knowing that they can predict their lifestyle and routine.

They're practical and economic. A breakup threatens their order and efficiency. When they get the opportunity to restore their routine back such as by getting together with an ex, they take it and pick up right where they left off.

Taurus: In It For The Long Haul

hand holding engagement rings

Tyler Nix / Unsplash

It takes quite a while for a Taurus to finally let their guard down and fall in love. When they go through a breakup, it's hard for them to imagine having to do it all over again with someone new. They start to crave the comfort they once found when they finally allowed themselves to be vulnerable.

A Taurus doesn't just get into relationships spontaneously but when they do they're invested. That means that they're willing to do the work and put in the effort to resurrect a failed relationship with an ex, especially if it means not having to start all over again from scratch.

So How Does Each Zodiac Decide On Getting Back With An Ex?

holding flame from lighter up to poloraid

Yuvraj Singh / Unsplash

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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