At What Age Do People Start Acting Like Their Parents? This Is The Answer

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Are we just all becoming our parents no matter how much we deny it? When we were young, many of us looked to our parents as heroes and wanted to be just like them when we grew up. As we got older, we realized that they were merely human beings and trying their best with trial and error and we stopped putting them on a pedal stool. Instead we wanted to better than them, just as they hoped for us by teaching us all kinds of lessons. Other have sworn from the beginning never to be like their toxic parents, and to let their mistakes be their guide.

Yet, all of us, somehow still getting to an age where we seem to just like our parents anyway? So when exactly does that happen? A study may have found the answer.

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The Process Of “Parentamorphosis”

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Logan Weaver / Unsplash

Logan Weaver / Unsplash

The term “parentamorphosis” was coined by Progressive Insurance commercials featuring Dr. Rick who joked about how adults seeking insurance were becoming just like their parents. It was never a big realization or sudden change, but more of developed habits that drew a line between reckless youth and the organized structure of parents.

Do you remember how annoyed you felt at your mom’s attempts to make the house look like no one even lived in it with her excessive cleaning and the way that your dad embarrassed you when he tried to tell the plumber to do his own job? Well, there comes a time when without you realizing it, you get excited when gifted a new vacuum and can’t wait to put it to good use.

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