CEO Gives Her 500+ Employees $10,000 Each And Two First-Class Tickets To Anywhere They Chose

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Sarah Blakley, CEO, and founder of Spanx is quickly earning the title of the world’s best boss, and rightfully so. Not long before the holidays, the woman gifted her employees with the best bonus they could have ever dreamed of. With around 5000 people working for her, she not only gave each employee two first-class plane tickets to go anywhere but $10,000 to spend on the trip too. So how did she do it? Sarah didn’t always come from money and worked very hard for every dollar she gave away. Here’s how.

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It Was Just Supposed To Be A Side Business

Sarah drinking out of her mug that says

sarablakely / Instagram

sarablakely / Instagram

Sarah didn’t even start her business till she was in her late twenties. At the time she was working selling fax machines door to door but she wanted more.

All she had to invest in her own business was $5000. But she believed in herself so she got Spanx going as a side business. She explains in a speech: “When I started this company in Virginia Highlands on the whiteboard in my room, I wrote a goal down and I said, this company will one day be worth $20 million. And everybody laughed at me, and I said, ‘you know what, I believe that.'”