Daily Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign – August 15th, 2019

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The Full Sturgeon Moon occurs in Aquarius today, enhancing intellectual curiosity and research, but we might also find ourselves become overly defensive when our point is questioned.

There’s a Venus conjunct the Leo Sun today as well, delivering an abundance of creative energy wedded to incredibly insightful intellectual acumen.

Mercury finally moves out from the shadow of its most recent retrograde trajectory, allowing us to communicate safely once more, this energy balancing out some of the intensity of the Moon.

What we must watch out for is pleasing others, as that’s sometimes what Venus prefers. Not necessarily in a weak, sycophantic way, but in a more manipulative manner.

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No one needs the approval of another to be one’s self. Remain always true to yourself and don’t “go along to get along.”

This does not command the respect you deserve. Tomorrow is another story.

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