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Ears Ringing? This is The Meaning Behind The Increasing Frequencies

Have your ears been ringing lately? Are some more high-pitched than others? Don't worry you're not losing your ability to hear. In fact, you might be on your way to hearing more clearly than ever. Ear ringing may have a very special significance especially in this point in time so listen to the frequency of your tones very carefully.

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You Are Experiencing Clairaudience

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If you're not familiar with the four clairs of intuition, or the four psychic circles, they are as follows: clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognizing feelings), and claircognizance (knowing).

While some people naturally have more developed clairs, everyone can tune into all four Clairs as they grow their intuition and connect with the universe. This is most often done through meditation and spiritual awakenings. Frequencies in particular are related to being clairaudient, which means having an ability to hear what is otherwise inaudible to the average person.

It's A Shift That Is Expanding in The World

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To understand what the frequencies mean, we first need to put into context why they're suddenly happening to so many of us. What's actually happening in the world right now is that more and more people are moving up the ascension ladder towards their highest self. The culture of spirituality is not only being normalized again but the younger generations are spreading its teachings and tuning in to the dimension that was starting to be forgotten.

We are currently in the process of moving from a 3-dimensional reality to a 4 and 5-dimensional reality. What this means is that we're tapping into powers like psychic abilities and manifesting that attracts with it both light and dark forces from beyond. These forces are using psychic toning to either help or to hinder our soul’s enlightenment process as a collective.

Pay Attention To Pyschic Toning

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Psychic toning or in other words the frequencies that you keep hearing in your ear each hold a different message and have a differing purpose. Paying attention to them instead of only being aware of them is what is going to help you make the difference on whether you're on the path guided by light forces and guardian angels or whether you're falling into the trap of dark forces through false beliefs and dark emotions.

One way to be able to tell the difference is listening in to whether the tones sound high or are on lower freuqnecies. You can also pay attention to how long the ringing lasts and how frequently it happens.

Not Everyone Shares This Spiritual Awakening

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Remember that if you're on the path to a spiritual awakening that you're going to be tested, especially by those who have not yet tapped into the same journey.

Usually, you'll be able to tell who is not yet on the path by whether they notice no ringing at all in their ears because they have not yet aligned their frequencies to match higher beings, or they are only able to hear low vibrational frequencies because they are vibrating on negative or drained energies.

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How You Feel Is Revealing

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The most important thing you should be doing every time your ears start ringing is asking yourself how it's making you feel. You'll notice that their vibrational frequencies have their own energy. If it's guided by a light force, you'll probably feel happy and free. Some dark forces might make you feel agitated or sad for no reason.

Keep in mind, that sometimes light forces might also make you feel a strong or negative emotion that is meant to push you forward and face some of your darkness in order to grow. Embracing these emotions will eventually allow you to shift the frequencies.

A Message Is Fighting For Your Attention

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The frequencies hold their own message and the ringing is a way to get your attention so that you can finally listen, in a very literal way. Remember that at the end of the day, you are the one in control. You don't have to hear them if you don't want to if, if you're not ready yet or if they seem too strong.

But if you do, and you actually confront them, you'll find them happening less and less frequently.

Higher Tones Are Positive

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Higher tones might feel better and this is probably because the more centered, at peace, and happy we truly feel, the higher we vibrate, which increases the frequencies we emit. This then naturally through the law of attraction matches our frequencies with that of other high vibrating beings and things.

There are ways to increase frequency on demand such as by engaging in a fulfilling activity like yoga or another hobby, by meditating, and by practicing mindfulness on a daily basis.

Remember That You Are In Control

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At the end of the day, you control your frequencies and they get matched accordingly. If you're looking for a sign on whether you need to change your vibrations. then you're here for a reason. This. is your sign.

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The Four Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Husbands

Women give a lot of time and thought to their idea of the best husband. Most would agree that he must be caring, loyal, attentive, understanding, and independent. No woman is looking to marry a man-child who is just looking for someone to mother him while he contributes the bare minimum. The tricky part is that most men are skilled at charming women into thinking that they will give them the world only to later find out that this was nothing but a facade, an idea they presented but had no intention of maintaining.

Luckily astrology has shown that some signs hold traits and characteristics within their core that naturally give them an advantage. Their personalities hold the traits of the best husbands.

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Aries: A Man On An Honest Mission

man spins woman in blue dress around

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​Aries is the kind of man who steps up to the plate without waiting for an invitation. You don't need to ask him twice to take out the trash, because he loves to take charge and be proactive. When they're at their best, Aries men want to become the financial head of their family. They want to ensure that they are working independently to provide and care for the one they love to the best of their abilities.

What makes Aries men great husbands is that they take care of themselves first so that they can actually care for a partner. Sometimes this means that they'll avoid relationships and stay single for long periods of time before they feel like they're in the right place for marriage. However, they tend to be honest about where they are along their path and with their intentions, making them easy to trust and later upfront husbands. You usually don't have to play guessing games, as they'll lay out their cards for you straight on the table.

Leo: Carefree Nature

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Leo men usually have a carefree nature and are happy to do their own thing while letting their partner do theirs. They are easy to plan with and communicate with because they are just happy if you are happy. They're not the jealous type or the overprotective kind that needs you home by a certain time and feels the need to check your phone when you're not looking. The trusting and natural connection they build makes for healthy relationships where both partners are independent in their own ways but can unite in an equal partnership.

Leos are also known to be courageous. Their carefree nature allows them to take risks without overthinking the outcomes. They are likely to go out of their way to make the first moves and put in the effort. They will make their wives feel supported, protected, and lifted.

Virgo: Supportive And Thoughtout

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A Virgo man is husband material because he actually takes the time to think things through. He doesn't rush into relationships and commitments unless he truly feels that it is right. This means that once he chooses the woman he wants to marry, he becomes entirely loyal and dedicated to her. He's willing to work through the hard times and doesn't give up easily. He takes time during arguments to think of logical responses rather than fight in the heat of the moment.

Virgo men are good at providing validation and reminding their wives that they are loved and cared for. They take their hard work ethic with them in their relationships because they understand that love is a muscle that needs to be trained in order to keep functioning at a healthy level. When Virgo men make a promise, they keep it forever.

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Taurus: Protective Of The Heart

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​A Taurus man is both caring and loyal. He is the kind of husband who will always reassure you that he's on your team. He wants to face all your problems with you, not against you. You can count on him when you need support or even just a little help around the house. His reliability means that he always shows up, and remembers birthdays and anniversaries.

Taurus men have a great moral compass that easily guides them in their relationships. They hate to disappoint you so they go out of their way to make sure that you know how much they are trying to love you. Taurus is a romantic at heart, which makes him the ideal partner for a stable relationship that doesn't get comfortable and boring. From the moment he marries the woman he loves, he becomes protective of her heart

Cancer: A Lover Of Love

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Cancer men can't help but love everything about love. They can come off as needy but they are just craving to be loved the same intense, everything in, passionate way that they give love. They are emotional and sentimental making them some of the most romantic partners. They love to surprise their wives with flowers, or acts of service without being asked, just to see her smile at the end of the day.

They give a lot of affection and actually enjoy spending quality time with their wives. They are not confrontational and are great communicators. Marriages with them tend to be calm and patient because they don't let issues bottle up and talk calmly whenever there is an issue. They are genuinely kind and make caring partners.

Get Personal And Break The Cycle

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