Experiencing Strange Coincidences? Signs Of Powerful Synchronicity And What It Means

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If you’re reading this then the chances of synchronicity itself having led you here should be considered. Synchronicity is a concept that has been studied for centuries but it was first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung. He believed that events didn’t happen randomly but that what we thought of as coincidences actually had a meaningful relationship. But, synchronicities don’t happen to everyone and they often go unnoticed. It takes someone who is open to receiving them and is paying attention to notice the signs. Here’s what to look for.

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Everything Happens For A Reason

putting finger into water causing ripple effect

Aaron Lee / Unsplash

Aaron Lee / Unsplash

The concept of Synchronicities implies that everything happens for a reason. You being here right now, me writing this along with everything else happening in the universe at this moment is meant to happen. Experiencing synchronicities though is being in tune with its cosmic messages, and being able to hear their truths.

On a scientific level, our brain collects trillions of pieces of information around it but only a fraction of that is actually captured and retained. We can’t pay attention to everything at once. Experiencing synchronicities happen when we notice what we are supposed to see. Our subconscious mind becomes conscious and shows us the answers we’re looking for.