These Signs Are Most Likely To Get Back With An Ex, So Go Ahead, Blame It On The Stars

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Usually, when it comes to a breakup most people have two extremes. There are those who hold a grudge and want nothing to do with their ex then there are those who can’t help but still think about their ex nonstop whether it’s to get revenge or get back together. Few and far in between are those who make peace with the end of the relationship and move on. So which one are you? A lot of how you deal with your break has to do with your zodiac trait tendencies, so let’s find out, from most likely to least!

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Cancer: The One Who Can’t Let Go

woman looking sad sitting in bed with her elbow on her knees

Darina Belonogova / Pexels

Darina Belonogova / Pexels

Are we really surprised that this water sign is first on the list? If Cancer’s best and worse quality could be summed up in one word it would be “loyalty”. They are loyal to a fault. That means that when they finally let someone in they hold on tightly, and often that means that they don’t know how to let go.

Cancers also see the best in people, even when they’re wronged, their empathetic nature justifies their ex’s actions. Sometimes Cancer has to learn the hard way and get hurt too many times before giving up on their person.