Heartbreaking Christmas Day Stories That Remind Us That Not Everyone Is Joyful This Time Of Year

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The supposed most wonderful time of the year is actually the most painful time of the year for some of us. For some, it’s just an in-your-face reminder of our solitude. Others have to explain to their children why they don’t have the means to get them nice gifts like their friends. Then there are those who are missing their lost loved ones extra on the days they can no longer share with them.

Whatever the unfortunate circumstances, let’s be mindful of each other. And if these stories remind you of yourself, remember that you’re not alone.

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Some Are Sick

woman holds cleanex on cries on red cushion

Liza Summer / Pexels

Liza Summer / Pexels

“I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new year’s (all in the same year, in one stay) in an inpatient psychiatric ward when I was 16. Nobody called, picked up the phone or came to visit me.” – legendarywildchicken / Reddit

No matter the illness, no one should spend Christmas locked up in a hospital, surrounded by death, misfortune, and diseases instead of love, comfort, family, and good food. Yet, this is the case for many, especially those whose families have given up on them.