A Hidden Camera Recorded What This Elderly Woman Does At Home. What It Revealed Is Heartbreaking!

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If we’re lucky enough, we’re going to get old eventually. Hopefully all of us make it to 98 like Mary Tony did. However, making it to 98 isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

In the video below, titled “Junk Mail”, you’ll get a look into the life of a senior citizen. When Mary isn’t at the local senior center, she’s at home, alone, with no one to talk to. No one comes to visit her. She even told the interviewer that “[she] has to do something or [she’ll] go nuts.” The reason why they titled the film “Junk Mail” is because when she’s alone, she cuts up junk mail, and puts it in a bag, then throws it away.

We all need love and human contact to survive, and Mary’s story is not unlike many others. The elderly are often ignored at the end of their lives. This production from Voyager reminds us of the difference a simple visit can make.